Fall Family Fun Fitness Day

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This morning we got up earlier than I was ready for to go to Fall Fun Family Fitness Day. I’m not sure the alliteration actually went in that order but you get the idea.

The girls participated in lots of fitness activities. When we could, we participated with them. Ray did alot more than I did because someone needed to stay with Bria. They ran a mile, we did the wheelbarrel. We climbed ropes and did Hanan’s favorite, the hippety hop. When the mile was finished we ate lunch. There was a cakewalk. The little girl behind Hanan won. That’s always our luck.

Ray climbed the rope to the celing in the gym. He had to. Olivia’s dad did. I think he left more than a little skin at the top on his way down. He came down a bit faster than he went up. He has the blisters and missing pieces of skin to prove it.

It was a great day other than the drizzly weather. The girls had a great time and actually ate a healthy lunch.

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