For some silly reason leprechauns show up and inflict major damage on our house every St. Patrick’s Day. This year was no different. There were balloons piled in the floor. Streamers were everywhere. Pictures and light fixtures are decorated with green leis. There were green bows on everything including Tucker. Once again, we opened the refrigerator to find green milk.

The leprechauns also left me a fabulous surprise in Bria’s room. She now has the stomach virus. That’s why her hair is wet in the pictures. She cried alot last night. Her teeth have really been bothering her. She had her hand jammed in her mouth all day yesterday. I heard her and thought I heard coughing. I didn’t get up because she kept going back to sleep. I knew what had happened when I opened her door. The smell was horrible. She now has the stomach virus. Be glad I didn’t take a picture of the crib. I probably should have been wearing a hazmat suit to clean it up.

I cleaned up Bria, then her room, then me. I made the girls their traditional green eggs for breakfast. Chores are done. The girls have on their green (almost) clothes. We’re off to school. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the leprechauns are done and I have no more clean ups for the rest of the day.