When I picked up the girls from school today, Hanan was in a mood. It was one of those no good horrible rotten bad day sort of moods by the look on her face. In fact, she still is in a rotten mood. I’m looking at this picture of her that I took on Sunday and remembering the happy girl I know she can be.

Anyhoo… I asked her what happened at school. The following is our conversation.

“We had a horrible substitute. She was mean. She made everyone change their colors. We weren’t allowed to say anything in the hall!”

(My sympathies go out to the dear lady. She had no idea what horrors she was walking into with Hanan’s class. They are, let’s just say a handful at best.)

“Hanan, what color are you leaving on?” I asked thinking we were in for it.

There was a smirk on her face that could only belong to Hanan. She started to grin. “Green!”

“That’s good. So you weren’t talking?” I asked.

“No, I think she just didn’t know my name or how to say it.”

That’s my girl! She left on GREEN!!!