I said I wouldn’t until at least December. I said I didn’t know if I ever would again.  For two days I thought never, ever again. Then it happened.

I know I’ve been slacking. I know I need a race that I’ve paid for to get me off my rear. I saw one. I knew friends would be doing it. I called Ray. Want to? Let me check my schedule.

I was hem hawing around. Want to? No! Should I? Yes! Can I? Probably.

I call my brother. You want to? No! Why? I work 80 hours. I don’t have time to train. In our home town! People will know us! Have you lost your mind!?!

More hem hawing.

My phone rings. You are? I will. Sure. Training schedules are on line. (What did I just do?)

Ray looks up at me and says, “You just went all in didn’t you?”

I did.

Next half will be in May. What have I done?

The crazier part is, Ray asked me to do another too. As in two halfs three weeks apart. I am not that crazy!