I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I’m sad it’s over. The day after is always anticlimactic a bit like the day after Christmas.

So far today, I heard about a family get together that I missed, yet again, even though we now live closer than we ever will. Arleigh was upset because she couldn’t find anything to wear… probably because I didn’t do laundry on Mother’s Day. I was upset that clean clothes seemed to land inexplicably into the laundry pile. Bria was upset because she found a picture of the big girls at Disney. She wants to be born at Disney. Don’t ask. She’s three. I forgot the papers that I needed to have signed even though I drove all the way to the base to sign them. No, they weren’t adoption papers. I probably wouldn’t forget adoption papers. Hanan is upset because Bria chose and outfit Arleigh picked out so Bria couldn’t possibly love her.

I’m tired. I’m grumpy. I’m tired of knowing that I can’t please everybody all the time and still trying to do it… even the people who don’t live in this house. If you can’t say anything nice…. can you hear the silence?