Today is hard for me, so very, very hard. I usually post early in the morning, but I’ve waiting until Jack and Bria are enjoying lunch. Today is the anniversary of meeting and saying goodbye to Jessa, girl number four. Every year I think it will be easier. Every year, it’s not but I can see the other things happening around me like.

Getting ready for our first post adoption home study.

Being able to visit with wonderful friends on their way to a new duty station. I love the Garcia Family! I love to tease Carlos Lolo. Cynthia is like the little sister I never had. She has plenty of sisters and family but I’ll take her anytime.

 And the next picture is the “Would you please put me in my bed look. I seriously need to get some sleep and get away from all these girls.”

Bria had just turned two when we moved to Memphis. Victoria was almost two. They started having birthday parties together went to Sunday school class. They acted like it hasn’t been almost two years…so sweet. I hope they visit our next duty station.

Then there was an email from some unknown address. It had this picture in it…

Grandma is in Maine. She never eats seafood…EVER. It is the bane of her existence. She ordered the lobster. That thing is so bright red, it doesn’t even look real. I’m so proud of mom for stepping out of her box. She said she ate at least three bites and won’t order it again but WOW she tried it!

Last but not least, there is Jack. He made it through two church services and Sunday school yesterday without us feeling the need to go to the quiet room. He ate goldfish patiently during Sunday school and feasted on animal crackers during the service last night. He is eating most everything we put in front of him these days. Still no fruit, nothing super sweet but still. Many tears have been shed over  the way Jack eats by both me and Jack and we’ve truly seen prayers answered this week. His gross motor skills are also improving. He is a little more clingy and a little less moody. Overall these are big steps in the right direction. I also need to say a prayer for thanks for Super Why.