Help!!!! Alternately titled…Darn You Pinterest I Will Never Feel Satisfied…

This is my bed… Well as much as you can see. It’s tall. It suited us at one time. Yes, it can often be seen with a laundry basket perched just so. What can I say? I found this one in the photos archive and I had no desire to photograph the bed again. I like it. Ray got it for a steal when we lived in Virginia and I could never, ever dream of another bed. Until now…

I don’t know it is suits me anymore. It’s a king. I do know that I can no longer live without a king. Sometimes with four kids and a largish dog a king pushed up next to a king still wouldn’t be big enough. So the mass of mattress is staying the same. I’m thinking about selling the footboard and the headboard. I’m torn. I love the details and the woodwork but is it too much? I wanted a more comfortable, worn look. I’ve also thought about white washing it. That would suit the quilt that’s on it now so much more… what to do? Sell, whitewash or leave it as it is. It also matches, sort of, the other real wood pieces that Ray built in the room. In the past, a more elaborate but plain red coverlet was on the bed. Suddenly I’ve overcome with wanting everything to look toned down like it would fit in a farm house, beach house or a cottage. 

Ray can build anything I want… within reason for the cost of the wood and the time it would take. Right now, I want this.

Rough wood. White sheets that I already have. The gray and the gold, they speak to me. Really. I love this. Would I love it forever though? Maybe I should just use all my white and down comforter and switch to the gray coverlet at the bottom and the gold pillow? The other question is why do I love the gold here and HATE it on the walls in this house. That’s right, I said hate. I’m loathe the color on the walls here. I didn’t when we moved it but the feeling has grown… a lot.

Am I shallow thinking about decorating my room? I bought that quilt several months ago and I already want a change? It just doesn’t look right to me with the color of that wood. If I white wash the bed would I be happy? If I white wash the bed can I unwhite wash it later? Yes I know that’s not a word.

I don’t know if I love the word “love” painted on the rough wood. Suddenly I don’t know what I love. I have a few months to decide. Anyone want to make an offer on my bed? Maybe that would help me decide.