I took the big girls ice skating with the Girls Scouts yesterday. By skating I mean, we were on the ice with skates hanging to a wall for dear life. I’m 38. This was my first ever trip on the ice. I did manage to let go of the wall…a few times. Hanan had a hard time. She just couldn’t get it. She hit her elbow, twisted her ankle and cried a bit  screamed at me that she just couldn’t do it. I spent the majority of my time inching away behind her. I’m quite certain I could have done it, but what’s the need when my sweet, loving, terrified daughter needed me to hang onto a wall behind her so I could constantly grab at her with my free hand? Arleigh on the other hand stepped up to the plate, or the ice… and took off. She wasn’t steady but she was trying. I was so super proud of her for being afraid and skating on anyway.

Here’s a little snippet of life before the chaos…
Look at those smiles! They did not last long. Hanan was slipping and sliding around the rink and to her credit, just kept going. One slip and her elbow hit the side. Meltdown number one. One slip and her ankle hurt. Meltdown number two. At one point, we were skating by another mom in our group. I had been around the ice all of three times but inch by inch I was certain I had been going for an hour and a half. Nope. Only 12 minutes had passed. We had an hour. Some friends from church happened to be there. Mr. Mark offered to help Hanan. She refused. Apparently the thought of her mother flailing along behind her on the wall was more comforting than open ice. Not sure which was the best option. Hanan had finally had enough. I told her I would help her get to the exit. We were about 15 feet away when they told everyone to turn around. I could hear the tears coming. I told her to just keep going and felt like a hockey player going against traffic to get her to the exit. The traffic guard ice police came by to let me know I was going the wrong way. I politely told him that there was no way I was caring her on my back around the rink and we were off the ice.

I got Hanan settled and went looking for Arleigh who the last time I saw her seemed to be doing great. Oh no! Not good the Girls Scout leader was skating toward me to let me know Arleigh was hurt. She had that super concerned look on her face. Little did she know I was trained by my mother as a field medic at the ripe old age of 7. I get to Arleigh. I get her off the ice. I check for swelling and bruising. We’re good. Can you move it? Yes but it hurts. How bad on a scale of 1-10? 10 Poor Arleigh didn’t know that was a trick question. Nothing short of 100 would have gotten the poor child to an ER. I put pressure on it. She didn’t scream. I moved it back and forward. No scream. Also, poor baby forgets broken bones became my forte for a bit. The only thing that really scared me was that I knew Arleigh was hurt and she was being tough. That would be another of my trademark moves. The problem is, there comes a point where you lose it and I was waiting for it.

When I was 17 I crashed a minivan. Something about a cat and an s curve and my foot hitting the gas instead of the brake. Did you know when you do that the seatbelt doesn’t hold you back? Yeah… I had an abrasion on my face that scabbed from the steering wheel. My nose was broken and I couldn’t see for all the blood. A family friend drove by and didn’t recognize me. He told his son to take off his shirt to put it on my face. I actually refused to get in his truck to go to the ER because I didn’t want my blood to mess up is Chevy S-10. I made it to the ER. I gave them all of my information. They were slowly picking glass out of my face. Sorry for the visual but it’s important. The nurse had known me since I was a kid. I carried on a decent conversation telling her what had happened. That tree came out of no where! Then I looked up and saw my Dad. I don’t know if it was self preservation because I thought he might kill me for totaling a van or if I finally felt safe enough to let it all out. I was bawling…uncontrollably. I’m pretty sure that’s when they decided a needle full of something would now be an excellent idea. I never felt better until the next morning when I woke up with a nose bigger than my head. That’s why I was worried about Arleigh. I tore everything in my left ankle once, broke and arm, broke fingers… it was all pretty much the same reaction. I’m on my own until I saw one of my parents then…Chernobyl.

Sooo… Arleigh decided to hang tight. I told her I thought she sprained it but didn’t break it or something would be turning blue or swelling. She sucked it right up and went on the rest of the field trip with the scouts. She was quiet but she only complained to me, quietly. She was desperate to get home and knew that I had another little girl to drop off but she still said it was okay. We got home, called Uncle Sann… AKA the family orthopedist. Got some ice and ibuprofen. She’s still babying it but I’m super proud of her. Not once did she loose it or melt down. A lot of other kiddos were crying over much, much less.

Hanan has decided against a career in figure skating. Arleigh is banned from falling for the next 3-5 days. I’m looking forward to a tropical island that won’t require ice for field trips. Wait, if it requires bathing suits, that may be much, much worse. I’m going to bed now.