So a few things happened around here today.

  • I picked up about 100 envelopes from my mailbox labeled important tax documents.
  • It was Miss Kathy’s birthday!!! (Preschool director)
  • Bria turned my world upside down again by insisting on singing, “I love you a bushel and a heck!” Frankly it might make more sense, no that’s lack of sleep talking.
  • Hanan got up at 2:30 a.m. with a headache, proceeded to gag on the medicine I gave her and threw up…barely missing my bare feet.
  • Ray had to leave at 3:30 a.m.
  • I might have gotten a couple of coherent sentences out even though I feel like I only slept about 15 minutes.
  • I squeaked in a long run outside…by myself…
  • I squeaked in a long run outside by myself because JACK WENT TO SCHOOL!!!

That’s right, we bit the bullet. Before Christmas our pediatrician suggested it. We recently discussed it again. I’ve prayed about it forever, not because I was desperate to get rid of the poor boy… I was desperate to do the right thing for Jack. We read attachment books, talked to everyone that could possibly be talked to, including Grandma. For multiple reasons it was time. While I’ve started to list all those reasons out…I’m stopping. Some of them are for Jack. Some of them are for me. After lots of debate, we decided to go with it. I can honestly say, I am so so glad we did.

On any given morning dropping Bria off, Jack acts like he wants to stay. In the beginning I couldn’t tell if it was a let me stay or get me the heck outta here kind of mad. Lately, he kind of wanted to stay. Then we heard from the pediatrician that we’re good. After talking with the preschool director and immediately feeling like we were on the same page, it was time. We laid out a plan. I rushed out to buy a lunch box that wasn’t pink. He walked in this morning like he was meant to be there. He hesitated a bit when I went to leave but it was barely noticeable. I hung out for awhile. Heard how well he was doing and decided to leave.

Clearly, he was pretty happy. No, I didn’t get a great picture. Oh well. Jack was way too busy getting situated to stand still and say cheese. Another little girl kept volunteering to be my model though. She even jumped into a couple of pictures. You can see her just behind Jack on the right. I’m sure there will be more and better pictures after the Valentine’s party in a couple of weeks.

As I was leaving, I looked up and my heart stopped. Jack was staring at me through the window. My first thought was, this could go south fast. I didn’t want him to suddenly realize I was leaving and freak out. I put on my very biggest smile and waved and said “Good bye.” He was smiling and waving and saying bye right back at me, happy as a clam. I was glad to know he was happy but it made me a bit sad too. Worry never hangs out long though. I know two of the sweetest, kindest most compassionate people you will ever meet. One of them happens to be a teacher in Jack’s class. (Let me say, I dearly love all three of his teachers! Jen holds a special place in my heart today.) The Farmers sent me texts throughout the day letting me know Jack was okay, in fact he was great! Did this mama’s heart good.

My day, you ask? Well, I came home, started some laundry, talked to Mom and then went for a nice, long, leisurely run. Oh my word! I am not a runner at all. Today was gorgeous. I’ve felt cooped up and stressed out. My little jog was wonderful for my attitude. I used to feel guilty about taking that time. I really don’t think my friend the dreadmill has the same effect on me, but a nice run where I have no where to be and no time to be there by, clears my head and makes me a better mother.

I was home and showered and running back out to pick up Jack and Bria in no time. They were both beaming, happy as clams. Jack was thrilled to see me. I heard about his day. It seemed to go great. He wanted to be held but didn’t seem to be in a hurry to have to leave. Overall, it was fabulous.

We are so blessed to have that preschool available to us at our church. I know Bria and Jack are loved on every second that they are there learning. They feel secure and happy and adore the people that work with them. I adore them too. I’m going to have to start planning those end of the year gifts now!