No worries. No diatribes today. I’m having a hard time deciding if I should tell you about the little tween miscommunications, like YES!!!  I actually said get in the shower. There is also the ridiculous amount of product I bought for one tween in particular who thinks that she is getting a “pizza face.” She misunderstood me AGAIN. She couldn’t understand why her face was still breaking out and now splotchy red too. Could be the fact that she wasn’t washing the soap off of her face because she thought it was lotion. Welcome to my world that includes copious amounts of misunderstanding and tween drama.

Then there’s Jack. He doesn’t call me Mama but I got a text yesterday at school that said, “He knows my name!” I am somewhere between Hooray!!!! and horrible,ugly, green envy.

There’s the picture that I forgot about on my camera.








Pretty cute huh? I watched Carson on Monday. This was about two minutes after he got to our house. What you aren’t seeing are the 467 blocks plus car tracks that they knocked in the floor to climb in Jack’s cabinet. It was also before I dropped off the big girls at school which totally explains Bria’s pajamas and ratty hair. Good times…

Yesterday was Silly Sock/Crazy Hat day…well, crazy hat for the littles. I managed to get a picture. Barely. I’m not really sure how they all got to school on time. 

Speaking of crazy…and tween drama. It crossed my mind this morning that maybe I should just rent a cage and let Arleigh and Hanan go at it WWE style. (Is it WWE? It used to be WWF. I haven’t watched it since I named a dog after Brutus The Barber Beefcake.) Anyway, it might be easier to just let them go at it instead of listening to one snap and the other egg it on. Better yet, I’ll just throw Bria in too. They won’t know what hit them.

In other news, the girls opted out of track. I really do hate it. We’re less than 90 days from pack out though. I told them I would do it but track meets happen every Saturday from now until the time that we move. Plus, they have two girls scout camping trips planned. Plus, Easter… Spring Break… Someone please tell me how I am supposed to plan a move. They thankfully decided that spending time with family while we are close is more important than track. I may be running in the evenings with a new partner now too.

That’s right. I said it. 90 days to pack out… You may or may not have heard cursing in my head. It may be planning the pack out or the fact that I’m digging through receipts and trying to find time to clean and grocery shop for the 30 teens who will descend on my house Sunday evening. I think it’s time to go. See you on Monday! I think…