I survived the weekend…

It was in question when on Friday I was looking for receipts for the taxes and then check numbers and then…my checkbook. No where to be seen. I decided maybe Ray took it to work. I couldn’t imagine why. No. I had lost it. I swear my natural hair color is dark brown. You can’t call it salt and pepper when it’s only at the temples right? Please throw me a bone and say right. Anyway, our checkbook is actually a 1/2inch white three ring binder. Sort of hard to lose…unless you’re me. I tore the house upside down. On the bright side, the desk drawers are clean and ready for the move. I knew I took it to pick up Girl Scout cookies. I usually just take a check. Since I never remember to write the amount in, I took the whole notebook…and left it in Cookie Mom’s garage. So tell me, what could be more aggravating to Ray than me not writing an amount that is documented online…. never mind, it would be leaving a checkbook full of receipts in an acquaintance’s garage. Apparently he’s been married to me long enough to expect such things and only ribbed me for it a bit. This would also be why I had oodles of pity when Papa thought he left his keys at our house last week. I do this sort of thing on a regular basis. Makes life fun…right?

I also survived a family outing to Incredible Pizza on Friday night. We’ve been promising forever. We decided it would be good to get Jack on some little rides before Spring Break. Off we went. If you don’t have an Incredible Pizza, it’s sort of like Chuck E. Cheese, on crack with a side of meth. There’s a pizza/pasta/salad/potato bar buffet, the usual games, bumper cars, (Yes, someone threw up while we were there) laser tag, race track, glow in the dark golf… you see where I’m going with this. Ray’s fun meter is always pegged well before we run out of tokens, or more accurately in the store where you pick out your prize. Jack’s fun meter was pegged at ride number 3. He rode the carousel with Bria. He looked a bit nervous at first but the thing is tiny. Ray and I strategically placed ourselves where we could each grab a jumper and hopefully no one would fall. He was nervous, then smiling. Then it was a car on a track. He seemed to enjoy the first 30 seconds and then he was more concerned with the seat belt. Then, we moved on to an airplane. It got squeals, again for the first few seconds and then… well, he wasn’t so sure. At that point, Bria was moving on for ride number 4 and trying to decide if she should take off her shoes for the playground. Jack took one look at us and starting crying and saying, “ALL DONE!!! ALL DONE!!! ALL DONE!!!” Yeah, me too buddy. Ray took him out to get something to drink and maybe some ice cream. I hung out with Bria. Arleigh and Hanan were having some pretty sweet sister moments as Hanan hit the jackpot… 1,000 tickets on one of the games. Arleigh hit 250. Ray finally brought Jack back. He seemed to accept his fate of waiting out the card at Incredible Pizza. He finally found a couple of games that were more his speed and finally, we were ready for the prize room. Everyone scored. We headed back out to have some ice cream and head home. Little did I know, we would still wind up with a casualty.

We got home and everyone was tucked in. Saturday we had nothing to do. Arleigh woke up with swollen eyes. She went out early to ride her bike and a little playing spy with her prize from Incredible Pizza. These bad boys…

They were some pretty sweet binoculars. They worked pretty well too. They were perfect for playing spy. Arleigh really wanted them for spring break. She has always had a thing for binoculars. That was what she wanted when we took her to the Disney magic show. Binoculars were with her on every trip to the zoo when she was really little. It was a natural pick for her when she had soooo many tickets. The affect on her eyes was anything but natural.

After a little bike riding she came in saying that her eyes were burning. You know what people look like when they burn in a tanning bed, but they have those tiny little glasses on? Arleigh was the exact opposite. She looked like she had a horrible sunburn just around her eyes. After lots of questions, Ray finally put together that she was up late the night before using the binoculars to look out her window. I apologize now to all of my neighbors. Then, spying over our fence in the backyard. Next, I would like to apologize to all the neighborhood runners. We picked up the binoculars. You could smell them before you even got them close to your face. There was some sort of chemical on the rubber eyepiece. It was burning her eyes. I did not have to convince Arleigh to stop using them. She is rather disappointed that she won’t have them during Spring Break.


By Sunday, this is what her eyes looked like. She took several pictures with her iPod but I don’t have those. This is on the way to better but it wasn’t much better than this early this morning. She was not looking forward to school. She is also tired of answering sunburn questions since she is so much more safety cautious than the rest of us around here.








Arleigh and Hanan are pretty desperate for Toms. You would think I would be a little more accommodating considering Tom’s cause. I hate fads. Toms have suddenly hit Memphis. Ray likes to tease the girls because I bought my first pair almost 5 years ago. I’m just a little ahead of the cool curve. Anyway, they worked their little butts off to earn money. All of our landscaping beds are neat and tidy and they were a MESS. The van was washed. There was one chore that wasn’t complete. My vacuum was on it’s way down. We were expecting the teen youth group at our house Sunday night. I was a bit panicked and also a little overeducated on all things vacuums. We ran  out and got a vacuum and got home in time for dinner and Dolphin Tale. Notice Arleigh’s shirt of choice the next day. I think they liked it.

Sunday I was ready set go… I made Italian Beef for sandwiches, we had chips and Caesar salad. Then an oreo trifle for dessert. After our evening worship study around 25 youngsters were in my house. Ray very wisely chose one of my very favorite Basic Videos for the devotional. They ate. Then they ate some more. Then they were gone. Really sweet kids. There is one in the group that I could eat with a spoon. Seriously. I usually don’t like teenage boys very much but I love to pick on him because he gives it right back to me. He also loves my kids and my dog. That tends to throw me over the edge.

Everything was cleaned up and it’s Monday. Just like that. In other news… we are much closer to a move date. I think the closer we get to June, the faster the days go by. How does that work anyway?