Exactly one year ago, we were falling in love with this face…

This sad, scared, anxiety riddled face. I thought I recognized it from another agency’s list that I occasionally stalked perused. Our agency sent us a file. We asked for permission to adopt this scared little boy.

Exactly one year ago today, we received approval to start the wild roller coaster ride that is SN adoption and our world changed forever.




Jack is a completely different little boy than the one in that picture…most of the time. Sometimes I still catch brief glimpses of that scared little boy. I saw a bit yesterday while we waited to go into the doctor’s office.

This is the boy that I see most often these days. He’s happy and content, playing with his sisters and his Daddy. His smile is bright. This boy seems so different than the child he must have been a year ago. I know because I have pictures. Pictures of a very frightened child, almost unrecognizable from the child that he is now. For that I’m grateful. God has blessed us all in so many ways. I’m thankful for everything Jack teaches me every day.

Yesterday, we found out a bit more about his special need. We are still trying to find out if Jack’s developmental delays are institutional or something else. Next month Jack is scheduled to have an MRI. Because communication is still so very difficult and his anxiety level with doctors is so high, the decision was made to use general anesthesia. It scared me a little but I know God is bigger than that. With this MRI, we will find out if there is midline brain damage. Our doctors continue to think that it won’t be found, the MRI is simply a precaution. The next step in his treatment will be surgery on his eyes to help him control their movement. After discussing our upcoming move and the lack of progress with patching his eye, surgery seemed to be the next logical step and it needs to be done now before he loses the control he has. So that’s what we’ll do. It’s one more thing to be incredibly grateful for. If he had waited in China any longer, that control could have been lost.

Next week that scared little boy will celebrate his fourth birthday surrounded by a family that loves him very much. He has know idea that the gift is ours. He’s taught us patience, especially me. I may still be working that one out. We laugh more. We love more. We appreciate so much more. I owe the powers that be one big thank you that a year ago they said yes, we could bring this sweet boy home. We owe God a big thanks for allowing us to be his parents. We are truly blessed.