Our first full day of vacation started with Animal Kingdom. My little nurnull AKA Hanan was good right out of the gate and hopped on Expedition Everest with me. I don’t think she regrets it. She was proud as punch to have made it on a big girl ride. Talk about BIG… Arleigh wasn’t quite so adventurous. Bria was up for it but she didn’t quite make the height requirement. It was the beginning of the “Am I big enough?” that we heard yelled ALL WEEK LONG!

We met up with our friends and quickly became a party of 13… The safari ride was a big hit with the entire crowd.

We pretty much did the whole park. I knew that A Bug’s Life was probably a bad idea. We decided to try. It was a bad idea…especially the first day. Jack wasn’t interested in being anywhere that looked anything like a theater for a good long while after that. Bria loved it. Arleigh sat in her grandmother’s lap. Hanan found all the sensors in the seats to make sure she wouldn’t be touched and then closed her eyes. Go team!

We finished out the park with a trip on the dinosaur ride…. No THE DINOSAUR ride. I rode it with Ray, Hanan and Bria. Virginia wasn’t happy about it when it came down to it but she rode with her mom since Hanan said she would. The picture was hilarious. Hanan and Virginia both had their eyes closed tight. Bria’s eyes were as big as saucers. I finally got my roller coaster baby!

We left with Virginia and Madeleine in tow. That meant 5 girls…one little Chinese boy, grandma and two parents. The girls are at heights where they look like stair steps. Oh my goodness did we get some looks. Most of them said, “Seriously 5 before they gave up and adopted the boy…” At least we got a good chuckle out of it. We had dinner at the resort and then went swimming. I was pretty certain no one would want to get up the next day….but they did!