I am officially back in the real world. You know the one where the husband travels for work, movers and scheduled, surgeries are being planned and all that normal laundry and cleaning stuff still has to be done. Yeah, that one. I feel like some sort of ghost in the Poltergeist movie…”We’re baaaaaaack!” I’m back to a world where Grandma isn’t here to help 24/7 and two littles are dying to get outside. Over here, where my house looks like Bermuda grass has snowed in it and the dog tracks are everywhere. There are also boys calling to find out how a certain girl’s spring break went and if there is still a chance at having a date to the dance. Did I mention my calendar? Good. I don’t need to talk about that right now.

I have to figure out how to tell you about the wonderful time we had…even though I probably pushed Jack a little too far. Wonderful friends drove up to meet us. There were 13 of us total maneuvering our way around Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

We were so happy to see Arleigh and Hanan with Virginia and Madeleine again.

Bria and Charles… well, they were Bria and Charles…

My fingers are crossed and I’m praying that we are stationed together again very soon. If Bria and Charles ever get married, I’ll also have some excellent photos for the reception. I still say that between the two of them, they could conquer the world. Both of them always look like they are up to no good.

And here’s the whole gang together again. We’ve added Jack since the last time we saw our friends. It was fun to watch him watch everyone else. He tried to pick up names but it’s hard for me to keep them straight. I can only imagine who hard it was for Jack to keep us all straight.

I think this is all I can manage for today. Last week deserves a whole week’s worth of posts. We hit four parks, introduced Jack to all things mouse and celebrated his fourth birthday with an Ohana breakfast at the Polynesian hotel. It was busy. I can’t end without saying a big old thanks to Grandma. Jack enjoyed himself. It was a bit much for him though. It didn’t take long for Ray and I to start calling mom “The Jack Whisperer.” When he was sitting with Grandma, he never seemed to get upset. He now calls her, “Dis Is Granma!” It’s pretty cute. I don’t know how on earth we would have managed Disney with four kids, all wanting to do different things without her. She was a trooper too. We went from about 7 every morning until 10 every night. She never complained once. I’m pretty certain she’ll be napping all week. Thank Mom! We love you!

More tomorrow…