Epcot was up next for our park visit. Here’s our before shot.

I should have taken an after shot but let’s face it, no one needs to see that…

We started with Daisy and Stitch and a ride in the big ball.

Stitched sneezed on Arleigh’s autograph book, flicked a couple of boogers off and then wiped it all on my shoulder thus sealing him in as the all time favorite character!

Soarin’ was probably our favorite ride. It took forever though even with a Fast Pass, especially since Jack wasn’t tall enough and we had to trade off. We missed the test track and big roller coasters. We didn’t make it in time for a Fast Pass. Hanan has really stepped it up to ride some of the bigger rides, like Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. Arleigh still won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole. Bria isn’t quite the 44 inches she needs to be to ride everything. Navigating the parks becomes a challenge like that. Plus…the crowds. I am repeating myself…never ever on spring break again!

We finished up with a Chip and Dale Spotting and then headed over to the World Showcase. The girls were itching to complete some Kim Possible tasks. Kim was a big hit in our house for a very, very long time. I can’t believe it’s not on anymore. Is it? I forget with the whole no cable thing. We haven’t caught it at Grandma’s in a while. Anyway, a quick stop with Duffy…

Then we got our communication device and started helping solve crimes.

I will readily admit that I was as excited as the girls to receive the messages from Wade and try to figure out the clues. Our first mission was in China. We had to find someone behind a desk, give them a code and they would give us a clue. The clue was a fortune cookie. We took it outside to open it. Bria immediately wolfed down the cookie while Arleigh and Hanan inspected the code word written on the fortune.

Of all the missions, China was my favorite. I loved looking for the Jade monkey, plus it reminded me of being in China. I think this was the biggest hit of Epcot for the big girls, plus it helped them want to explore the countries a bit more. It was bit over Bria’s head but if you have a child that can read, I highly recommend taking the time to do at least one of the missions.

We had dinner reservations at Marakesh. The last time we were at Epcot it was one of our favorite restaurants. Bria jumped right up to head off with the belly dancer. I see hula lessons in her future! The service was super fast, but if you only have one big meal in Epcot, Marakesh is no longer what I would recommend. I wish we had scheduled the Princess meal in Norway instead. Live and learn. We still enjoyed it though. We didn’t get the feast this time and it seemed a bit more reasonably priced.

We were all exhausted and made an early night of it knowing we would have a busy day at the Magic Kingdom for Jack’s birthday. Epcot was so much fun.

My highlight is still Turtle Talk with Crush. I love it! When we were getting on the Planet Earth ride in the big ball…can you tell I can’t remember the name… Ray was telling the girls that Epcot was his favorite place because you learn all about science. I was riding in the car with Jack and Hanan. Hanan said, “Daddy says this is science but I think it’s like riding a social studies lesson.” She was right! Our favorite ride was probably Soarin’ and we’ll have to go back someday for Jack and Ray to ride Test Track. Ray also says that when he retires he wants to own a lake like the one at Epcot. Better start saving now I guess.