Our last day was possibly our biggest day… spent at the Magic Kingdom. We made sure we were up and there at the park opening. I may be a sap, but I love the show that happens at the gate before opening. We rushed in and headed straight for Rapunzel’s court. Good thing too. We heard horror stories of other people waiting in the hot sun for hours. It was fairly pleasant, we lined up in the shade and found out only one of us had to hold the spot in line. Ray hung out and Grandma and I took the troops back to see if the other princesses would arrive any earlier. Nope. It worked out because we met Pluto.

Ray called and it was back to the land of Rapunzel to meet Bria’s favorite princess…

She was my favorite by the end. Jack was a mess. He wanted to hold his autograph book but the boy who was turning four acts more like he’s turning 2. He didn’t understand that the Disney peeps were pretty strict about having the darn book open to a blank page. I took the books when the characters were finished. I took Jack’s to prevent him from ripping it up. Rapunzel was very sweet when she heard that Bria was growing her hair out. She asked Bria where she picked her flower and told her that Flynn had picked her flowers that morning. When she realized it was Jack’s birthday she offered to light a lantern just for him. She was totally worth the wait. However, if you have a Bria… get to the park the second it opens and walk directly to where Rapunzel will be or you will be waiting HOURS. Later in the day that line was just amazing.

We headed off to breakfast with Lilo and Stitch. More on that later because it truly deserves it’s own post. Then back to the park.

My favorite part of the day was running into some Pirates… Jack Sparrow to be exact. Before I knew it, Bria was headed on stage. I didn’t know because I was on my knees pretending to be six begging to be chosen… didn’t work… Anyway, Bria was invited to join the ranks of Jack’s Sparrow’s crew on the Black Pearl. I’m not sure if it made her sailor Daddy’s heart proud, but I was sure excited. Plus, there was Grandma whispering in my ear, “He’s even better looking that the one on the movie!” I almost washed her mouth out with soap considering I’m pretty sure there is a closet in Sedalia that will never get a Johnny Depp poster circa 21 Jump Street off the wall. Anyway… Bria held up her right hand and said “Aye!” about 100 times and came home with a Pirate’s certificate saying she is henceforth part of the crew and under Jack’s protection for all looting and pillaging. He certainly picked the right girl for pillaging. The child could break an anvil.

Other highlights included Jack peeing all over Ray and then passing out in the stroller. Good times.

I took the girls to meet the Princesses while Ray, Jack and Grandma took in a parade. I think this was Grandma’s favorite part. She got the whole parade on video and the kids watched it on our drive home.






Cinderella was a bit creepy. She was muttering under her breath with every picture. It looked like she was caring on a conversation with herself. I told Arleigh to get close and try to hear what she was saying. Arleigh couldn’t hear anything and absolutely refused to get too close.

The girls loved the teacups enough to spin twice. Bria rocked out Splash Mountain. The second we got in the log, her little hands were up in the air ready for the big drop. It was hilarious. Hanan was disappointed that Thunder Mountain was closed. In fact, a lot of the park was closed but we still didn’t do everything we wanted to do. We missed the Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain and several other things that weren’t conducive to everyone. I still love the Pirates of the Caribbean.

We had a quick dinner and enjoyed a Dole Whip, hit more rides and hung out for the night parade and fireworks. I already mentioned that the lanterns got to me. Bria fell asleep sitting on Ray’s shoulders. The crowd leaving was nothing short of intense. I’m glad we stayed until the bitter end. If you want to see more pictures they’re up on Facebook. Tomorrow I’ll try to recap our Hawaiian themed birthday. How I wish I had some of that pineapple bread right now…