When I finally broke Ray down  we decided to plan a Disney trip sort of last minute we realized that it would be happening over the course of Jack’s birthday. Last year, we celebrated in a cabin in Alabama…without Jack. This year, we celebrated with Jack at the Happiest Place on Earth. It was nothing short of amazing but let me back up…

If you are just getting here, and that is quite possibly the case since I’m linking this up with Sunday Snapshot… we adopted Jack a little over 5 months ago. He is developmentally delayed. That makes birthdays HARD. We know he loves Matchbox cars but he has approximately 963 in a giant tub. The boy doesn’t need more cars. He loves some Lightening McQueen but he isn’t always interested in the movie. He likes Super Why, we think. It’s hard to know since he doesn’t really talk. He is also not a big fans of either crowds or attention. We didn’t think a birthday party was really his style. As much as we would like to throw a ginormous throw down to make up for every birthday we missed, Jack would most likely hate that at this point. So ignore the fact that I said he doesn’t like crowds for a just a second. We decided that we would have an Ohana Breakfast with the characters from Lilo and Stitch for his birthday, complete with a cake.

This was Jack with his cake last year. He had a cake, but he had no idea he had big old crazy redneck love to you to death family full of sisters.

I must admit, the cake for one was larger than the cake for 7. I hope the nannies ate well. The candle too… Boy howdy! They know how to over do it with a candle. Those things are really cool…and apparently terrifying.

Things were a bit different for Little Man’s fourth birthday. All the difference an Ohana celebration makes…

Somebody was pretty excited!

Some more backtracking… we’re going to be moving to Hawaii very, very soon. Like oh my goodness we’ll be leaving out of suitcases much sooner than I want to kind of soon. We decided that it would be good to introduce the kids to some Hawaiian before we get there… plus we’ve had the Ohana breakfast before and it is AMAZING! So, the kids were told Ohana means family. Couldn’t have been a more perfect Ohana birthday celebration for little dude. He might not have liked the rides but the characters, he adored. Nothing better than a giant dog making an appearance at your birthday!






I’m not sure if the pictures convey exactly how happy he is. He was a pretty happy boy. We are one happy Ohana that he is finally home!

Now… for the Disney peeps who want the low down. The Ohana breakfast is served family style. First, fruit, juice and some of the best pineapple bread I have ever put in my mouth. I would have been happy there. Then came the coffee…then Mickey Mouse shaped waffles and then one huge frying pan full of biscuits, sausage, bacon and eggs. It was all really, really good. We all gorged ourselves. Four characters came to visit the table, it’s not as many as we have seen at times but it’s just enough and then the kids get maracas. They walk around in a parade with the characters and all four ate it up.

Stitch once again was the hands down favorite. Arleigh had a stuffed Stitch. Hanan had a stuffed Angel. Lilo and Stitch both signed them. Stitch kissed on Angel a lot. He acted just like Stitch. Lilo was excited to hear about our upcoming move. Mickey and Pluto were the gravy. Here’s more proof…






In other news, Grandma has a ridiculous video on her phone of me trying to suck in my gut after eating way tooooooo much. She also made a comment about not taking that lei off anytime soon because it’s not often she gets leid anymore. Oh Grandma! What would Disney be without you? And I told you I would tell Grandpa!

We probably would have remembered Jack’s first birthday home anyway but this was just about as perfect as it gets. Happy Birthday Jack Jack! We are so happy that we got to celebrate with you this year and we can’t wait for many more…but, ahem…don’t expect characters to show up at every birthday though buddy. This was special! You are special and you are so loved!

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