Do you read that title the way I read it in my head…with a funny Vincent Price like voice? Seriously, it’s better as Vincent Price. Anyway, if I didn’t mention it before, my address doesn’t say Memphis, TN but I’m close enough to smell the bar-b-que and call it home. Another note… Memphis is a pretty violent place. I can’t really figure it out. I have never lived anywhere else where I saw this kind of violence on a daily basis on the news. I’ve never actually witnessed it. Anyway, last night I was washing the dishes getting ready for church when our local news came on. Jack, being a boy walks over and stands directly in front of the television. I may or may not have muttered something under my breath to that effect as I watched him.

I kept scrubbing. Ray was sitting at the bar trying his darnedest to figure out how we are going to ship the mom-mobile to Hawaii. This is no small task people. There are six of us. We don’t all fit in his truck. Do we rent a van here or in Hawaii cause odds are there will be time when I need to get someone somewhere and we’ll need transportation. Ray works in logistics and for some reason, this one thing is stumping both of us. I’m sure we were quite a sight, me scrubbing and muttering and him thumbing through 2 phones and an iPad. That’s when Jack got really, really close to the television.

I’m somewhere between thinking, great the kid is going be in a gang, obsessed with guns and telling him to back away from the screen as the word “Murder” appears big as life. Jack points and says, “M.” I praised him. He turned and grinned. For the next little bit he stood by the TV showing his stuff. I have no idea how many letters and numbers he identified by himself with no prompting. Letters and numbers are something Bria points out all day long….like until I think I have become a character on Sesame Street. I haven’t really worked with Jack on letters. I know it’s part of his school curriculum. I am generally showing him pictures and naming things are reading stories. I was blown away! Here are the ones that I know he said… MNODTSP 2 and 5. He also constantly tells me the letters in his name that hang in his room. I had no idea he could associate them outside of that wall hanging. He stood there forever waiting for more words to come up. Now I’m starting to understand his fascination with Word World.

This does become somewhat of a problem though. Jack now thinks that the giant TV is his personal chalkboard. Maybe he’ll want to be a teacher like his sisters…