So, in a recap format. Let me tell you what’s been happening.

My formal living room that is lacking in any truly formal living room furniture now looks like a clothing store with piles ready for Goodwill. If you need winter attire, please speak now or forever hold your peace.

A friend that was stationed in Hawaii not that long ago stopped by Saturday night to watch the game with us. Go Cats! Anyway, he told us all of the wonderful things there were for the kids to do…swim with the sea turtles… swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Quest… My response, “Forget the kids! I’m totally doing all of that!” If you visit Hawaii, I’ll either be stalking my shrimp truck…more on that later or I’ll be the giant giggling like a small child in the dolphin pool. Sadly, I’m not kidding.

I ordered Slim in 6. We pack out in 6 weeks. I’m moving to Hawaii. I think that’s enough about that.

Speaking of Hawaii and shrimp trucks, some friends of ours just arrived on island. Last week, they were out for a birthday breakfast and happened upon my favorite shrimp truck… It’s the Hawaii Five-O shrimp truck. I gladly shout out that I am Kamekona’s, AKA Taylor Wily’s biggest fan. Who wouldn’t love this face? I just want to hug him…or pinch his cheeks… and this is weird because I hate for people to invade my personal space.

Anyway, our friends hung out to watch and were asked to be extras. Oh my word! I would have died right there. So, I’m slowly developing a plan… I need some maps to chart out my shrimp boat sightings. I’m also wondering where I can get a Kamekona shirt and a Kamekona apron…

Moving on, I found out the entire world will celebrate my birthday be celebrating on my birthday this year. The Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics start on my birthday. I’m thinking I couldn’t ask for a bigger party.

Arleigh and Hanan competed in the Rainbow Regata for Girls Scouts.

Ray helped the girls learn a couple of knots. I promise Hanan was more into it than she looks. That room was HOT! I also had a lot of fun mentioning that I had my very own Finnick. Probably appropriate because I may or may not be slightly more lucid than Annie. Arleigh got a kick out of it. Speaking of nuts, my favorite new Pinterest quote is “I may not know karate but I do know CRAZY and I’m not afraid to use it!” Something about four kids and military life does it to you.




Oh yes, The Rainbow Regata…The day included hiking, songs, knotting classes, and crafts. I missed the crafts in favor of the bathroom that had no doors…only shower curtains and two 4-year olds who were fascinated by it. I promise I’m really sorry to the lady that suffered from our curtain flinging. My eyes are sorry too. Not enough bleach in the world!






The girls ended by racing boats that they worked really hard to build. At one point, I thought there would be a Civil War in our house as they raced for second place. Luckily, Hanan is a gracious loser. The people running the race mixed them up and bumped Hanan up for the final race. Didn’t make for a happy Arleigh but once we explained that the fun was in building the boats everything started to get better. Areligh won Best Use of Imagination for The Mellark…yet another Hunger Games reference. Hanan won cutest boat for The Tiara. Both were pretty appropriate awards if you ask this proud Mama.

Other weekend happenings include me sticking the tip of my middle finger in hot grease. On a similar subject, leftovers of Pioneer Woman’s spicy pork roast makes excellent taquitos. Ray loves that pork and he even said he might love the taquitos even more.

I found a whole uneaten sandwich in a lunchbox this morning. Seriously gross! Seriously wasteful! It wasn’t even Jack. We are so busy right now my meal planning hasn’t been wonderful. I did manage to get some carrots in the culprit this weekend. I’m having such a hard time getting her to make healthy choices. There isn’t that much in the house that offers truly horrible choices but she always chooses the worst thing. Suggestions are always appreciated. Plus, how do you do your best to survive on crap, for instance, awesome day would be donuts for breakfast, fried nuggets and fries for lunch, pizza and ice cream for dinner, with some gummies, chocolate and chips thrown in for snacking…and stay so little? Don’t let her fool you, I’ve seen her eat more than a truck driver on occasion…or her mother.

Jack discovered NASCAR. Big cars, circling a track… it’s his dream come true. I’m about to be very politically incorrect here so if you are squeamish, look away… I have a Chinese son who is off the charts small, he’s learning to speak with a southern accent, we are very quickly turning him into the rednecks that we are which is nice but his name is Jack Stiff. On some level, are we being cruel?

Bria asked me why we always root for UK…Go Cats!… I told her it’s because we’re from Kentucky. She looked at me funny. “But I’m not.” I told her she sort of was because that’s where we call home. “No, I’m from Birginia” (Virginia) “Yes, you were born there.” “But, I live in Memphis now and we’re going to Hawaii. Where am I from?” I looked that child dead in the eye and said, “You are from the United States of America.” I think that may be our answer for all of us from now on.