We are home. I am very lazily blogging from my phone. Thank your for your prayers they were felt. We left home a bit after 5 a.m. We got there and checked in before radiology even opened. Jack was the first one back.

Little man was anxious from the moment I whisked him away while everyone else was in bed. It got worse when I took off his pajamas. I tried to warn the nurses. They did not listen. After failing to get vitals they sent in the anesthesiologist. His wife is Chinese. He didn’t understand that Jack didn’t understand Chinese anymore than he understands English. The crying was fierce. It got much, much worse. The decision was made to gas him. I thought we would be doing that anyway. He tells
me it will be awful. I told him I would be okay. It was awful but I’ve actually dealt with worse. Jack was finally out.

The interesting thing is that Jack fought hard. Most of the time it frustrates me when I’m trying to get him to cooperate and he’s being stubborn. This time, I thought about that little boy in China. I swear he would have let us set fire to his clothes or beat him silly and he wouldn’t have done anything to stop us. Little man was fighting his way up until he literally passed out. His eyes were closed long before he relaxed. He made his Mama proud.

I was sent to the waiting room. There I hung out with another couple. Her phone dinged every 3.5 seconds. If it wasn’t dinging it was ringing. Her ringtone was I swear the theme song for Knight Rider. His was tolerable…Def Leppard. I waited and waited. It took a longer than they told me it would. I was getting a bit anxious that something was wrong. Finally back in recovery. I was there when he woke up. I said “Hi Jack! All done.” He smiled and just kept repeating all done. He won the nurses and doctors over. The anesthesiologist came back to see him. They all couldn’t believe his personality after the way he had been acting. I felt a bit like a side show before we left. Jack left happy.

We made it home in time to drop Bria off at school. Jack is busier than ever. So much for he may be groggy. He is not. I, however, am a walking zombie. My adrenaline is shot. A 30 minute phone call with a school counselor has done me in.  I want to tell you thanks for the prayers today. We sure felt them! We should hear about his results tomorrow.