Thank you for all the calls, texts and emails that I got on Thursday. The texts that I got in the waiting room made the time pass so much faster. It is no fun sitting in a waiting room by yourself, even the really nice waiting room that I was in. As for the results… we got one set in on Friday. Unfortunately they were mine. I’ve always had elevated cholesterol. Genetics stink. This time, I need statins. My brother’s genetics are even stinkier… his numbers run in the 700s. I also just wanted to say that Tye is stinkier.

Jack’s results did make it to his doctor. They did not, however, make it to his mother. Friday was frustrating but I know it could have been worse. I called to make sure the results were in his office. I was told that he had just gone over them. He wanted an appointment to discuss the results. That did not sound good. He also wants Jack there to remeasure his eyes for the surgery. That sounds better. We’re in wait and see mode until Wednesday. The nurse did give us a possible surgery date. Not the date I wanted to hear. Ray will be out of town. We’ll take it though to push through.

In other news, the results of being the parent to tweens apparently means I never see them anymore. Arleigh had a sleepover Friday, a sleepover Saturday and wasn’t feeling well on Sunday so I did get to see her… moaning on the sofa. Hanan did manage to hang out with us on Friday  in hopes of getting a new bike and then she was off Saturday for a sleep over and swimming with a friend on Sunday. I think it’s time to carve out family time on a calendar. It’s hard to find us all in one place unless it’s taking up an entire pew in church on Sunday morning and wondering if I should bring a dust buster for Jack’s mess.

I also forgot to mention that the big girls came home with a dog not long ago. I thought he looked familiar. After a brief search, we found out that it is Guinness. I’ve have taken him home before. This time his tag was missing. Two girls were very sad that we weren’t adding another dog to our family. I however can’t handle anything else that poops right now.

In other news, we had yet another incident at the school last week. Arleigh thought she saw some pretty ugly things written about her sister in a bathroom stall. Here are a few things that I’m aggravated with. Apparently there was a lot of graffiti that no one was reporting or cleaning up on a regular basis. Are that bathrooms not cleaned by an adult? I’ve been complaining all year about the social situation in Hanan’s class. All year. The last email I received just implied that I’m a crazy parent and these things are not going on at the school. Hello? Graffiti. I have proof. Plus, there’s the whole Arleigh just came home with a book with graphic language and you are blaming all parents for learning things at home. Hello pot. May I introduce you to the kettle? It’s  a two-way street friend.

So, I’m looking at the schools in Hawaii. I’m looking at what’s going on here. We’ve always had our reasons for public school. I’m wondering if this is a sign that we need to take a harder look. I also know that my kids are always going to deal with people who act like this. I want them to learn how to deal with it. How can they if I keep them at home? I know it doesn’t matter what you do, you always second guess parenting choices. I’m in the middle of some pretty big second guesses.

In other happier news… I took Bria and Jack to the playground this weekend. Jack isn’t a fan. This is disappointing to the rest of us. The big girls recently got him going on a slide at a friend’s house. I thought it might be time to try again.

After about 45 minutes of watching Bria, Jack made it to the top. He really wasn’t sure about being up there by himself though. He would have happily stood on the bridge staring at me for the rest of our time there.

He really isn’t sure why on earth he went up there. The stairs were far enough away that he finally decided the slide really was his only option. In the past, he would scream until someone helped him down. He might cry. He has also been known to curse us in Jack Gibberish. I have no idea what he’s saying, but as fast as the grunts and syllables are flying, I know where he wants me to go and how he wants me to get there. It’s not pretty. No worries. He is quick to forgive my many, many grievances on a daily basis. On Saturday, he manned up and went down the slide multiple times. Each time took a little less coaxing.

He did eventually slide down without help. I missed that picture though. I said it was time to go and pointed to the van. Little toot slid happily down.



Another someone has no problem demonstrating her elation at being allowed to go down a slide. She also has no problem with roller coasters though so it might not count. In fact, it’s getting harder and harder to go to the park by myself with these two. Jack is pretty much only happy on a swing. I need to chase the little daredevil though. It’s nothing for her to get to the top of a rock wall that was built for a child twice her age, lose her grip and slide to the bottom before I can turn around. I know when I hear, “Uh. Mama…” Time to run. Kind of like Ray when he hears me say “whoops” when I’m in the kitchen with a knife in my hand. It doesn’t matter how calmly the words are uttered, it’s time to run.

Hope you have a happy Monday!