If I haven’t answered your email, I’m sorry. If I haven’t returned your text, I’m sorry. If I haven’t sent you that Facebook message…  you get the drift. I feel like just this second I can come up for air. No worries, I’ll be heading down again soon… like in 5 minutes… Here’s the deal… I can’t even remember last week. We had a lovely visit with Grandma and Nana Bonnie. We laughed and ate and I got a dress for the Change of Command… one more check on the list. Hooray for checks!

Arleigh and Hanan performed at their Glee concert on Thursday night. We then headed for Kentucky so that Ray could present a scholarship at Honor’s Day on Friday morning. We helped with pond house construction and invaded the cousin’s swing set. Ray got back just before lunch and we headed to Tamms. We had a great visit with his family. His parents hosted a family get together since it may be a long while before we see everyone again. It was a beautiful day for the kids to play and adults got to sit around and visit, and eat… and eat some more. Pa pa’s BBQ and brats are a force to be reckoned with. It was nice to catch up with all the extended family and watch Jack get to know some of his cousins. Bria had a good time wowing the crowd. Arleigh and Hanan played photographer for me…Hanan modeled a little too well if you ask me. All in all it was a lovely visit. Frankly I don’t have the words or the time this morning.

Can I whine for a minute… our week looks like this… today is good but Ray had his PRT. I’m cleaning out the house and climbing Mount Washmore. Plus apparently planning a small soiree for the big children of the household her are suddenly having a hard time saying Aloha Oi to their friends. Tuesday is my last day with Bria and Jack totally in school. They “graduate” Thursday with a party of their own that requires snacks. Friday is the girls party. Saturday includes 3 parties. Then another on Sunday night. Our pack out begins next Wednesday. It ends just after Memorial Day but we are at a wedding in between. At some point cars have to be shipped. Ray is at work but he’s also managing the movers timelines. I may or may not be a bit insane at this point.

I’ll stop there and just get on with the pictures…