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I can not believe what my house looks like right now. There are 4 different sets of dishes sitting on my dining room table. The guest room is now a storage room. Our first set of movers arrive the day after tomorrow. They are coming from my home town. Interesting that I’ve been all over the world and my stuff may wind up sitting 30 minutes from Grandma. The washer and dryer will soon be sitting in storage. I have a feeling they will be running from now until Wednesday morning in preparation.

Other things are happening too. We have wonderful friends everywhere from all this moving. Some friends that have already completed a Hawaiian tour suggested that we get this book…

I checked it off my list a couple of months ago. Let me clarify… I purchased it. It’s fascinating so far but I haven’t gotten past the first chapter. Did I mention I’ve been a little busy? It will be in my suitcase as I try to embrace a Mahalo attitude about possibly living out of it for the next two months…

Another sweet sweet set of life saver friends have gone above and beyond for us in the past couple of weeks sent the kiddo a box full of goodies…

Our friends are the best… they are already in Hawaii just hanging out at the lodge waiting for their house to be ready…a couple of days before we get there. The girls are eating it up, trying to learn Hawaiian and actually getting into the history of Pearl Harbor. This box of goodies was wonderful for them and filled my soul right up. They are getting so excited for the latest Stiff Adventure. As if that wasn’t enough, our friends are helping us find all the right doctors for Jack before we get there.

Big thanks to the Navy Langs!!! You know we love you and soon there will be more peanut butter pie than you know what to do with!


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