If you are stopping by this morning hoping to hear about my preparations of all things cardboard… or my neurotic neighbor who marched through the 25 kids and water balloons to complain about a party incident (it’s a good one I promise)… or Jack finally adding another word to his vocabulary that just happens to be “QUIT!!!”…or Bria’s adorable use of a boogie board in a kiddie pool… or Hanan’s Honor’s Day…or Arleigh’s graduation… there will be NONE of it.

See there is a boy on the other side of the world who needs more than a metal crib with a wood slat mattress. There is a boy who needs to learn how to exist in a family setting so that one day he might find a forever family of his own. He needs to grow and develop with people who will help him learn to do things like… I don’t know talk. He needs to be with a family. Until I know that we’ve raised $840 my heart will be bleeding all over this blog. Seriously.

I have a lot of pride. I don’t like asking anyone for anything. I have swallowed my pride to ask you to help me help Bailin. If we all pitch in just a bit… he would have a year with a family. Did you know that children in foster care are more likely to be adopted. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s because adoptive parents know they’re loved or because countries are more likely to place those kids on waiting lists. I know it gives Bailin a chance.

Again… here’s Ginny’s flyers with the details.

Please remember. In the notes section, write Project Bailin. If you donate $20 or more, you can receive one of Ginny’s beautiful prints. All you have to do is email us a bailingetsafamily@gmail.com. Your print will be sent to your email address. Here’s what you have to choose from…

If you don’t have the money right now, I’ve been there. I understand. Please pray for Bailin. Pray for God to provide big for him! And please share this. I know people don’t like to feel like they are spamming or bugging or pestering. I don’t. Bailin needs for someone to pester for him though.

Also you should know if we happen to get more than $840 there are other children waiting in the wings for foster care. We will put any extra money to get those kids in foster care too!

Thanks guys. I pray that I’m back to my regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow!