Lots to do and talk about. Arleigh’s graduation. The tears that go with leaving. All the special people here and what we’ll miss most. I’m not saying a word though until I know Bailin is guaranteed a family for the next year. Instead of talking about my chaos. I thought I would answer some questions about Bailin.

If you’re just getting here… you may want to back up to this post that gives you all the info you’ll need on Bailin and the fundraiser happening around here.

Where is he?

Bailin is in the Shanxi province of China. He somehow made his way to the SWI in Changzhi. Love Without Boundaries is blessedly now working in that orphanage. Yesterday I read a report. Things are changing for the better there thanks to my friends at LWB. Kids are learning. The difference I’m already reading about in the last 7 months can only be attributed to God.  The reality is, they all need families.

Can Bailin be adopted?

I don’t know Bailin’s status. China frowns on pre-identifying children for adoption. I understand the pros and cons of all the different scenarios. Having just gone through it and still feeling like I might have PTSD from the paperwork alone. If Bailin touched your heart, please feel free to contact me at rbstiffatgmaildotcom or leave a comment. There are hundreds of Bailins. I would love to talk to you about all of them.

Where is the total at?

As of this morning, I honestly have no idea. I know of some money coming in this weekend. I haven’t had new print orders. I’m estimating that we might be holding at around half the amount needed. Honestly, I can’t be sure. I would love for people to be donating $5 here or there, just that cup of coffee from Starbucks and know that it will help care for Bailin for an entire year.

How Can You Help?

You can tell everyone you know about Bailin. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Emails, Phone Calls. Whatever it takes. Each child that is in foster care for LWB needs 3 sponsors paying $35 per month to stay in foster care. Our total of $840 is because Bailin had only one sponsor. There are other children waiting in the wings to get in on this program. You can help anyone of them with $35 per month. That’s less than what we spend some Sundays going out to lunch after church. (Admittedly I feed a small army but still…) If you have questions, let me know. I promise I can hook you up with someone in lots of different countries to help with the orphan. To donate specifically for Bailin…go here… make sure you write Brandi Stiff: Project Bailin in the notes. I promise every cent donated is appreciated and put to good use directly to Bailin and foster care.

That’s it for now. Back to packing… Anybody out there? Please drop me a note and let me know you’ve at least read the Bailin posts…