Today was our first day hitting the beach. We crashed the Mom’s Surf Group. Nope. I didn’t surf or pretend to try. I didn’t even jump on a boogie board. I watched. Maybe I’ll try to learn before my 40th…

This was Mr. Jack’s very first beach experience. He was not a fan of the sand. He decided it was pretty cool to fill a bucket though. He liked the water…as long as he knew it was coming and wouldn’t hit his face. Oh my! He threw down a couple of times but we just ignored it and trudged through.

The girls… In the water like little fish. They all agreed it was fun but they love the pool. Arleigh is gunning for her own boogie board. Hanan thinks she’s half mermaid. Bria is trying to keep up even though she is about a foot too short.

I’m so thankful we have friends here that are letting us tag along. The girls think Madison is their new BFF even though she’s 15 and ready to drive off into the sunset quite literally.

I’m waiting for laundry. Arleigh and I had our first creature encounter in the laundry room. Thankfully it was much less dramatic than the “Mama I found a dead lizard” episode. I remained quite calm trying to find the little guy. Arleigh remained on top of the folding table. This may be a long three years after all.

Now to fold some clothes since another guest clearly thinks I’m hogging the dryer… I have four kids for crying out loud!