Yesterday was a pretty big day for us. Ray accepted command as the OIC of NEPMU6. We got to watch as he took part in the formal ceremony to pass the command from one officer to another.

As part of the process we were given seats on the front row and presented with leis. The kids wound up with the leis on their heads before the day was over. We made it through the ceremony. I’ll soon be watching Brave and buying Merida dolls because in moments like this I am not above bribery. The kids were all really good. Really, really good. Prayers were answered and prayers of thanks were said they were so good. Did I mention they were good? Proud mama over here.

When the ceremony was over we got to enjoy a traditional Hawaiian plate lunch and then there was cake! I got a few pictures but not nearly enough.

We are so blessed to have the Lang ohana with us here. It’s their second Hawaiian tour. They are holding our hands and walking us through the PCS chaos. It was so nice to have them directly behind us during the ceremony. They have become our Hawaiian security blanket when we miss home.

Finally Ray… He sacrifices so much to take care of us and provide for us. I can’t describe how it feels when I get to sit in a room with so many people watching Ray get rewarded for all of his hard work. I can’t begin to describe all the emotions in a little 45 minute ceremony. I love that Ray gets to go to work every day loving what he does. I am so very proud of him and everything he does for our country. I don’t tell him enough.

Like I said, pretty special day. I love you Ray and I’m super proud of all you do!