First Ford Island Run

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Well, I did it. I was going to use a foul phrase like I popped… never mind. I finally tied my running shoes and went out this morning. It’s been, well almost a month. A month full of among other things, no exercise unless you count walking the kids to the playground or throwing them in the pool. It’s been a month of eating crap… fast crap at the NEX because the kids are starving and I’m trying to feed them on the cheap. Side note, in Hawaii… there is no cheap food. There’s been a month of stress eating, eating because we’re bored and eating to well, eat Hawaiian style food. Not good. Yesterday two things happened… I made an appointment because I need a refill on my meds and I have a new doctor. Ray mentioned the lack of physical activity just as I was preparing another super processed microwaveable meal. Umm. Yeah.

I have to say, when we lived in Virginia I didn’t appreciate our proximity to military life enough. Around here, it’s everywhere. I left and ran by the Utah Memorial. My view included the tip top of the Missouri and a ship heading out of the harbor. Pulling over the bridge, I still get goosebumps as you see both the American Flag and Don’t Tread On Me flying in the wind with the Arizona Memorial in the background. Will it ever get old or mundane? The cost and sheer sacrifice are evident everywhere, including some of the families that we meet here as their family members prepare for deployments. It tends to put things in perspective. It makes me feel like I should go ahead and finish that run instead of being such a whiner.

Anyway… I survived the run. I think it improved my trapped like a rat mood. And the mood caused by the email that essentially said, I know you wanted your stuff delivered on Tuesday and we said we would but we made a mistake only 10 of the 12 crates are actually on the island. We think two are still at sea. We’ll let you know when they get here. Gotta love a good contractor. We’re betting on whether or not our beds that we all so desperately crave made it. If you hear cussing on Tuesday on the mainland, you’ll know that mine did not.

Happy Thursday. We’re off to enjoy life at the pool in paradise!

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  1. Maybe I could start running again if I moved to Hawaii. LOL~ good job and praying your bed makes it!!!!! XO

  2. This happened to us when we moved to Montgomery. Here’s the up side….you get a chance to clear up some stuff and put it away _before_ the next batch arrives. You won’t be SO overwhelmed with everything all at once. I had 16 crates delivered to 52 Halawa on a Saturday while Bob was off island. It was not pretty. When Bob called I told him I hated him, I hated Hawaii and I hated the Navy. Other than that everything was fine. Karyn and I cleared a space in front of the tv, hooked up the VCR and watched movies. I decided everything else could go straight to hell. My DH, even when home, has VERY LITTLE, i.e. nothing to do with the actual physical part of the move. This last was no different but he was at least in town.

    Have you gone over to the other side of Ford Island and checked out the 3/4 size house that is last in the row beside the Arizona Memorial? It was built for the movie In Harm’s Way and is now used as quarters even though it is shorter than normal. Made John Wayne look REALLY big!

    The Utah Memorial is really touching. ADM Doran told us that a man on that ship had twin daughters, one of which was stillborn. The ship was to go out Dec. 7th and her ashes were to be spread into the sea while they were out. Needless to say, they did not get out and her ashes are still in there. This is also one of the ships that had people trapped inside and their tapping could be heard but no one could get to them. Very sobering.

    You sound like you are about at the end of your rope! Go get a pedi and have your toenails painted with Hawaiian flowers. Heck, take the girls too….Ray and Jack can bond some other way while you are gone. 8^) PS-This will not be an unusual request. Tons of folks have it done.

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