Oh my! We’ve been spoiled. The rooms aren’t that much nicer but the view has been to die for. After feeling the need to beg for sheets to be changed we were shocked to find fresh sheets every day on the pull out. Instead of bagels, we’ve had breakfast made for us each morning and someone else to clean it up. All that comes to an abrupt end tomorrow with a lease and keys and responsibilities… So tonight we decided to enjoy one last night of mini vacation.

Ray suggested a walk to the Sheraton. They were supposed to have a kid friendly restaurant with a view of the ocean. The view was great. Dinner was good. We even had a little Hawaiian music and a hula dancer. It was nice but the dancer looked like a haole so we just enjoyed our dinner. We heard a fire dancer was setting up.

It doesn’t take much to convince us to soak it all up. We left our table and sat down. I didn’t have the good camera but Reagan was awesome! He walked over in the middle of the show to give Jack a high five. We didn’t think many were watching until turned around. Oh my! We had good seats.

After the show Reagan stopped and snapped a picture with the girls. I tried to put Jack in the picture but at this point he decided to scream in terror…Jack was screaming not our new friend Reagan.

So we went back to our table to settle up and took off down a back path. Reagan showed up and stopped us. He is a really sweet kid with a big heart. He talked Jack into another high five. It was a little easier in street clothes. We heard how he got started and he gave us a nice little welcome to the island. Overall it was nice way to end our stay.

I’m trying to add a bit of video from Reagan’s performance but we’ll see…