Oh my! I knew it had been a while since I blogged but I had no idea how long. Anybody out there? I haven’t had a reminder from Nana Bonnie. I hope she hasn’t given up on me. So why haven’t I blogged? Well… let’s see…

Our things were due to arrive the day we got here… Except two crates were missing. Those crates held a piece of every single bed in this house. I still have no idea how that happened. They also held the legs to both the kitchen table and the outdoor table and the bar stools. Sleeping on mattresses and eating on the floor it was! Any form of correspondence seemed to indicate it would be at least a week until we could the other crates. As nice as Waikiki was, we were desperate for our own beds. Then suddenly, the crates appeared. We had our stuff, minus Ray’s ladder and much of it arrived in pieces including a broken TV.

We are currently still living in a state of chaos. Serious chaos people. I don’t want to unload the playroom until we paint it. Somehow the kids keep getting into the toy boxes. We unpacked enough to start to feel like we’re home but I can’t find the cable to get my pictures on Big Mac. There are some things on the wall but many many more sitting in the floors. My interior decorator AKA Mom has shown up with every other move helping making decisions about where to place things and how to set it all up. Can I just tell you, I WANT MY MOM! Clearly I didn’t get her eye for interior design. Or maybe it was her patience…either way.

In the last two weeks in between unpacking we’ve made a trip to the North Shore. I have to tell you if you are in Hawaii I highly recommend the Aloha General Store for all your shaved ice needs. Holy cow! I could use a lava flow or make that a pineapple bowl right about now. You would be amazed at how fast my crew can take one of those things down. We’ve toured the island to show a work tourist around. We sampled the famous shrimp trucks. Bria totally rocked a body board at Bellows. The kid is turning into a fish. Jack hates the beach but loves the pool. Arleigh and Hanan have started drama with all the new school drama we’re used to. If you want an idea it involves tears and a now constant request to just home school. The school is actually okay it’s new and different and that’s hard when  you’re a kid. We also celebrated my birthday. I now know that underwater camera is going straight to the top of my Christmas list. I got to swim with a sea turtle. Seriously coolest thing I’ve ever done on my birthday and that includes being the first kid to ever have a birthday party at the Mayfield McDonalds…which is apparently still second since I’m currently 39 and still tell that story.

So I’m off to unpack boxes. Someone please say a prayer that I find my cable because I have some serious pictures to share… I sailed by the Black Pearl for crying out loud! I did not catch a glimpse of Jack Sparrow though. Let the unpacking commence… after I buy Bria a real backpack. You should have seen her drop everything on her first day of school. Good times!