Have you ever been so tired that you really couldn’t even bl… Oh. Sorry. I must have fallen asleep.

I am seriously exhausted. Really. So don’t mind my typos please.

Bria has been going through a nightmare phase. What does she have to be afraid of? Oh… well we live in a Hunger Games loving, Disney watching, internet surfing house. Between the alligators on a certain Disney show, the constant surfing for Halloween costumes and a mother that turned on Shark Week when we live in Hawaii. Well… any wonder why the child can’t sleep? Apparently alligators are driving skeleton costumes right out of the harbor here and straight for Bria’s closet.

All this means, every night at approximately 11 p.m.  but sometimes she’ll wait for a 2 a.m. wake up call, Bria tells me to scoot over. By scoot over she means scoot to the edge of the bed while she flips and flops all over me. Ray never even knows she’s there. I realize I should break the habit and put her back in her own bed but frankly my sleep deprived and selfish stupor has just found it more convenient to move her to the middle of the bed and hope for the best. Last night the best got interesting.

I always turn the television on when I go to bed. Don’t judge me. The white noise helps me fall asleep especially when Ray travels so often and every noise becomes an intruder bent on harming my children. Remember. Don’t judge! I always set the sleep timer though. I just need the television to get to sleep then I don’t want some weird infomercial waking me up.

Did I mention our love for All Things Hunger Games… Did I mention it came out yesterday… Did I mention that children were at my house watching it (only the oldest) until very late? So… I was really tired when I went to bed. I forgot to turn the sleep timer on. After living for six months on an aircraft carrier, Ray doesn’t require nearly as much sleep as I do, but when he does sleep you CAN NOT wake him. Seriously… I lived in Memphis. Tornadoes are nothing when compared to aircraft landing on your head every night. So when Bria came in, the television was still on. I couldn’t find the remote. Ray wasn’t waking up. Did I mention how lazy I am in my sleepless stupor? I thought oh well, we’ll all go back to sleep. It was informercials. It surely wouldn’t hold her attention.

Um… wrong. Quite literally 20 minutes later just as I was starting to fall asleep…a tap on my shoulder and “Mama! Did you see that? We need one! They said it would keep us safe!” Seriously. She rolled over. Almost twenty minutes on the nose… “Mama! It says it will help us sleep better!!!” At this point, I was pretty sure that nothing short of drugs would ever help my child sleep. I got my rear up and turned the television off. Other than the kicking and flailing, I’m pretty sure we actually slept. The way I feel today, I’m not certain. Tonight, I’ll be putting the little toot back in her bed. I’m off to nap.