Where to start… How about with school lunches? In Tennessee my children wouldn’t be caught dead buying their lunch. Of course the Pizza Hut pizza available in Virginia might have had them spoiled. Any who… apparently Hawaiian school lunches are the bomb. They eat things like kailua pork and cabbage or teriyaki beef and mac salad. They love it! I’m sure it’s less than healthy. I’m also know that some of the processed foods I choose to put in their lunch boxes aren’t much better. I figure at least they are eating veggies at school. Plus, garden salad with every meal… Score! I’m off track again…yesterday the girls were all going to take their lunch. I started making some mac and cheese. One box fits in four thermoses. I thought I was brilliant. I had a doctor’s appointment and Aunt Chan was watching Jack. With no idea how long it would take, I wanted to send Jack with something he was sure to eat. As a side note…he ate maybe four bites.

My award winning season started with Bria seriously melting down over what I wouldn’t let her wear. Another sister may or may not have been aiding and abetting with her wardrobe malfunctions. After several nights with no sleep, I was waining quickly. Usually my mood can immediately carry over to Jack. That boy was happy as a clam. Then I noticed. He was dressed, ready to go and carrying that lunch box around. Here I had been thinking he was enjoying his one on one time with me and the boy is ready to go back to school. Great Oaks…how we miss you and your low tuition rate! I knew if I let him get in the car with that lunch box, he would flip when everyone else got out.

Just before we left, I took his lunch box in all it’s Mater glory and put it back on the counter. Oh my word… he didn’t flip. He didn’t melt down. He just looked at me as if I had stabbed him directly in the heart. He dropped his head and dutifully got in the car. When we got home, I packed his back pack and his lunch box and we headed over to Aunt Chan’s to drop him off. He was ecstatic. “By Mama!” I couldn’t get out the door fast enough. Seriously! I was running 10 minutes behind I couldn’t get out the door fast enough.

Good thing I packed lunch. Leave it to me to cause complications. Two hours later I was back. Jack was chill. He got to play with a remote control Mater. His world was complete. I’m actually surprised he wanted to come home with me. His speech appointment is set. Hopefully the poor child will be back in a school setting very soon… or we are going to have to find something else to do during the day. I thought he loved emptying boxes! Who knew? I guess he would prefer being here…

While we are talking about schoool… is there any lack of guilt over what you choose for your child? Let me back up to The Pretties… now known as the Nanis. Nani means beautiful and I have the maturity of an eight-year old yelling nanny nanny boo boo! (I know the pronunciation isn’t the same. I don’t care. See, maturity of a eight-year old.) So… another thing about the ice cream social. First question out of everyone’s mouth is “Where do you live?” My answer is the Ferrin house because the Ferrins just moved out. Apparently our house will be known as the Ferrin house until we move out in three years when it will up the cool factor by becoming The Stiff House… Come on you know would live to say the Stiff house. Anyway, if you are astute, as most of the Nanis are, you can look at the front of a house and know how many bedrooms it has. Ferrin House… 5. So the next almost immediate question is “How many kids do you have?” They hear four and say. “OOOOOOOhhhhhh.” It’s like listening to the Little Green Men from Toy Story. We have a nice uncomfortable pause and hear, “Where do they go to school?” When they hear me utter the name of our public school, you hear and even longer…”OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH.” My child goes to…list super expensive private school. At this point, the conversation either ends abruptly or the next sentence always starts with, “Well, when got here…” It usually ends with “I can’t imagine the things that your children are bringing home.” I typically say as nicely as I can, “Believe me I researched the schools. I checked our curriculum. This works for my family. We’re very happy.” Nothing like making you gut check the choices you are making for your children. Often, I think they want me to affirm their choice and I refuse to. Again, I felt like I was getting the Bad Mom of the decade award.

Nothing like a sleep deprived stupor to help yourself earn the title of Bad Mom, especially with a four-year old screaming bloody murder because she is so tired. That was us last night leaving the park to get ready for bed. Happy to report Bria slept through the night last night and until I was forced to wake her up. Would it have been rude to wake her the way she wakes me? Don’t think I haven’t considered cold water.

Since I actually did sleep from about 9:30 last night until about 5:15 this morning… I should probably finish my laundry or I will get that award. Happy Tuesday!