This weekend Ray and I ventured into the depths on Honolulu. We hit the Wal-Mart Sam’s combo store there. They say the neighboring Costco is the busiest in the country. I’m thinking that Sam’s is handling the same sort of volume. I’m also pretty sure that Ray and I are the “People Of Wal-Mart” here. Yep. We haoles stand out a little. These little excursions that include traffic of all kinds could be a post to themselves.

Our little adventure was for a smoker. After living in Memphis for two and a half years we knew moving to Hawaii it would be at the top of our shopping list. Ray’s trip to South Carolina sealed the deal. Mike and Sharon recently purchased a grill and one bite of the fall off the bone rib meat was all the motivation he needed.

The purchase was a success. I’m happy to report all sorts of delicious smoked meat goodness happening around here. And something else too. The redneckory (my word I think) has kicked up a notch. No basting brush? Ray actually told Arleigh to “fetch a stick.” Seriously something about that smoke that just makes you act like you’re back home. Then I heard “never mind.” Meet our redneck basting brush. A paint stick with paper towels. Hey! It worked!