I’m peeved. Seriously. PEEVED. I can’t shake it. I don’t know if I should blame PMS or one of a hundred other things.

For future reference:

If you feel the need to talk about the teachers at my children’s school…you know the school that you have never stepped foot in… especially to say how horrible and mean they are, please tell me not my children who at the time had been at their new school less than a month. I honestly don’t care what you think about the school we chose after very careful consideration. Telling my children that the teachers are mean and make your friend’s kid cry…not cool. Plus…never mind. Sunday I heard a lesson on Matthew 7:1. I will refrain from speaking about other people’s children.

If a neighbor wants me to do something, I’m there. No worries. No problems. Don’t lie about the reason you want me to help you. Just ask. It’s pretty simple. While you’re at it, please don’t throw your children under the bus with your lie for heaven’s sake!

I think I’ll stop before I get too worked up. I’m glad to have it off my chest. Now on to other things like catering Ray’s off sight and cleaning up after the walking tornado currently knows as Jack.