Bria’s Birthday

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I’ve been pinning and searching and looking and generally not getting ready for Bria’s birthday party on Saturday. Did I mention no craft stores? Plus, I’m a little disappointed. I wish I could recreate all that stuff I see on Pinterest but I am the reason there are Pinterest Fail pins. Actually there’s a whole website for it. Seriously.

Anyway, I’m making my list for tomorrow. I needed a break from worrying about Pintrocities. I thought I’d finally post the pics of Bria’s actual birthday. We opened a few family gifts. They were all a big hit. Bria cracks me up. She has to make sure every piece of wrapping paper is off of a box before she will open it. Then dinner at Ferrell’s with the Langs. Here’s a peak.

I think Ray’s drawers are dry. I’ll be back Monday with the Pintrocity Party Pictures.

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  1. Is Ben Franklin’s not there any more? It’s not Hobby Lobby but they have some interesting choices. And there was a stamp/paper shop as well. There’s a shop somewhere in downtown Honolulu that had the kind of aisles that you have to squeeze through sideways. Not a tradition craft store but fun to explore. Keep looking!

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