Yesterday I was out of it. I had been told to expect 45 minutes of testing. That quickly turned into 3 hours. Jack had one break, 10 minutes after we arrived because he was nervous and asked to potty. I didn’t realize how tense I was until we left. It was as if I hadn’t exhaled for three hours. That could be because the last hour of testing involved asking me questions that required some thought while trying to keep Jack quiet after he sat quietly and answered questions for a couple of hours. So, leaving there, hearing how bad it might be but we don’t know… I wasn’t in such a good place. Add to that the day before I went through parent teacher conferences, all with resounding success and good news but I feel like I had been paraded around and my parenting was, well… never mind.

Today, we were asked to be available for a phone call summoning us to the school. Jack had one shoe from every pair of shoes he owns. We could not find a matching set. He’s done this before. I ask him to put something away almost every time he goes and does it. Then there is the one time that I need for him to know where his shoes are. One green croc, one Lightening McQueen flip flop, one sandal… you get the idea. He finally found a pair of older converse that are too small. He had his feet in socks with the shoes on looking at me like, “I did it. What’s your deal? Let’s go.” I tried to find something better but the phone rang. We had five minutes so we both went to school looking somewhere between ragamuffin and dork, you know our normal look.

Have I mentioned Jack’s nose bleeds? They aren’t fun. They are gross. They also seem to be never-ending. I wiped his nose and cleaned his mouth on the way out the door. I hear “Uh oh!” It’s a freaking gusher. Did I mention I had a very small 5 minute window to finish his testing. I cram some tissue up his nose, get him in his car seat and wrongly thought it would stop before we got to the school. I was fully prepared to say that we would have to come back. He can’t very well take a test laying down with a paper towel shoved up his nose. Blessedly it stopped just before the tester asked us to come in. He seemed fine.

Today’s tester is my least favorite. He’s the gentleman that has made things VERY hard for us. Requiring untold amounts of paperwork, asking us for testing paid for by Tripler instead of him. He seems bent on making it as hard as he can to get Jack into school. Jack performed better for him than he did any of the other testers. Nuts. Then we went to the class. It was hot…everything here is right now. He sat right down and tried his best to participate just like all the other kids. I LOVE the teacher. She already seems to have a soft spot for him. There is one child in the class that I would say was severely disabled. There is another little girl who I believe lives in our neighborhood that was recently adopted from China. I haven’t met her family yet but seriously need to. Jack sat down, volunteered to be the pointer, sang the songs and couldn’t stop smiling if he tried. He was so happy to be in that classroom. They offered to let him stay.

After losing a few hours yesterday, an appointment with a repairman this afternoon and a dire need for toothpaste in this house, I chose to do ahead and leave. Jack was a little sad to leave but he didn’t get too upset.

I feel so much better today. His teacher seemed ready to do whatever she could to help. I know he’ll be seeing a speech therapist. He was over the moon. So things are about to get much better for him. It also gave me the good dose of hope that I needed. Seeing him try so hard to pick things up in the few minutes he was being observed in class made me feel like he might get the chance to catch up with his peers. I needed a glimpse of hope.

We have meetings scheduled in two weeks. I asked for copies of all the reports as they come in so I’ll be prepared for the meeting. I think there might be a chance little man will be at school for Thanksgiving. God is good! I hate that sometimes I need the reminder.

Thanks for all the support yesterday. I don’t post these all that often on Facebook but a couple of people have asked…so today’s will be up. If I could humbly ask, keep praying. I’ll let you know what’s next.