We are becoming meteorologists around here. Saturday night we went to bed listening to tsunami warnings. We woke up Sunday morning watching Sandy to make sure our house in Virginia wasn’t floating away or toppling under the weight of the trees. We were blessed. She did neither. It did make for an exciting seriously lame weekend sitting around the weather channel and watching Facebook posts and tweets for updates of all our friends on east coast.

Let me back up to Saturday. The tsunami warning was a bit entertaining. The big girls were invited to a Halloween party. Arleigh will be mad at me if I don’t mention that she won best costume as Katniss. Ray and I were at the Medical Officers Party. Anywhere else there would have been a ball for each medical service. Here they combine every medical officer and call it a party. You don’t get as dressed up but much of the pomp and circumstance is the same. It at least warranted my first set of fake eyelashes…oh yes I did! Bria and Jack were safely at home with their beloved Madi. We had just finished our salad and listened to a guest speaker when someone stood up and said, “We just want you to know there is a tsunami warning for the state of Hawaii. First wave is predicted for 10:30 p.m. We still have time to eat.” Huh? Let me go on… we have been here at little over 3 months, okay almost four. I was sitting on the Lanai of the Officer’s Club at Hickam right by the water. I came from the mainland with images of tsunamis in Indonesia and Japan on my mind. It was far too dark to see if the water was receding. Just as I started to look around we were told to get in the buffet line. Can I just tell you that for a buffet the food was excellent? Yep that’s about how that night went.

I was sitting next to my friend Chan. She was explaining that most of the time the tsunamis just mean a rise in the water level. Waikiki was being cleared, Ewa, those places. Our house was out of the flood zone. Arleigh and Hanan were at a party just behind my house. The kids were okay but it did feel a bit funny to be away from them. Then the sirens started going off. Hawaii, you could learn something from Memphis. If a tsunami really is coming, those sirens in TN are MUCH LOUDER. Memphis, learn something from Hawaii… the sirens don’t go off continuously through the warning. I thought for a second that the big girls might be concerned but they are so used to sirens they would probably blow it off. Chan was texting Madi. Bria and Jack didn’t even know they were going off. At some point (30 seconds after the warning was announced) everyone’s phones were going off. Recall lists were being used. I kept seeing one of Ray’s guys appear with updates about Ray’s people and where they were and if they were safe. Ray was using my phone and his. Everyone’s okay but the party was a bit of a bust. The people who lived in low lying areas were leaving. We walked out to the water and decided to call it a night. Any worries about the big girls getting scared were quickly alleviated with Arleigh home texting me about her winning costume.

We got home and watched the news. My eyes were quite literally rolling back in my head. It’s here! It’s here! We’re sorry it’s rather anti-climatic. It could go on for another 3 hours… and I was off to bed very disappointed that I had stayed up that late and still wouldn’t get to see Saturday Night Live. Ray was snoring in his chair. If a wave had hit, I’m certain he would have had no idea. So we went to bed and woke up watching Sandy. I’m happy to report our house is still standing. A friend drove by this morning to take pictures. Bless you Mike Dossett! There wasn’t even a limb down. God was good to us this weekend!

Yesterday we were on to bigger weather problems technically speaking and the asteroid storm happening in my kidneys. One of my two original doctors decided that his diagnosis wasn’t accurate and asked me to meet with another doctor. My kidneys are in danger of damage from all the stones. Long story short, I’ll be having outpatient surgery in a couple of weeks. Then again three weeks after that. Ray calls it the roto rooter procedure. I’m a bit nervous about the in between because they’ll be putting in stints. I’ve been told that the stints are the most painful part. To keep Jack on schedule with his school, I’ll have to live with them for almost an extra week but to fit dates with this doctor and to get rid of the back pain, this seemed to be our best option. At least it will make for some interesting blog posts.