I’ve been singing, “This is Halloween. This is Halloween. Halloween. Halloween.” all blessed day. Thank you Tim Burton. I’m secretly hoping I passed the tune on to one of you so I won’t have to torture myself anymore.

Our Halloween started early…7:30 early. The school has a costume parade right after the morning bells. This is our first experience outside of a preschool setting where the kids were allowed to wear costumes. Even Jack got in on the excitement as did all the other younger siblings. Oh my word, there was a barely walking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that quite literally may have stolen my heart. My favorite costume was the musubi. Aren’t familiar with it? It’s a Hawaiian delicacy. Don’t judge me when I tell you it’s quite tasty. It’s essentially like spam sushi.

I totally missed getting a picture of it. The costume I saw looked something like this…

It was however, on an adult and the spam covered their front. They even had expiration dates stamped on the rear of their shirts. I should also admit, that baby almost gives me baby fever just to dress a little boo up like that. I also need to admit the turtle did more damage.

So here’s the gratuitous picture of my kiddos in their costumes. We have Catwoman, Katniss, Rapunzel in her wedding attire but magically her hair is still there, and Jake from the Neverland pirates.

Before I head off to the rest of the festivities and apparently here on the rock there are plenty… Jack was the most excited child I have ever seen putting on a costume. He was literally squealing with glee. I thought he might burst. I went upstairs to get dressed. He spilled his cherrios, grabbed his telescope and said, “Oh no! What we will do?” Just like Jake does. He then picked them up and said, “We did it!” We’ve been looking through the telescope all day. He may never take the costume off. Right now, it isn’t stinky and that would be totally fine with me. The girls were so excited to see him excited. It was a really great moment that we’ll treasure forever.

And I’m off… there are tricks to plan and treats to prepare. If you want to see pictures of the parade, I’ve posted them on Facebook. I’m talking to you Grandma…and you Nana Bonnie…