I would say we are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY today but Grandma probably wouldn’t get it. She hasn’t gotten all caught up in the Duck Dynasty rush that we have. She said that she was skipping her birthday. Not cool Grandma, not cool! Birthdays should be celebrated because it’s far better in my opinion to have them.

On year’s that things are going swimmingly Mom can be hard to buy for. On a year like this one, well let’s just say it’s next to impossible. I would buy her a book about grief but frankly I think she’s devoured everything on the market. I would love to be able to just fix it. I know I can’t. If you know my mother personally, don’t read too much into this. It hurts me terribly to know she’s hurting and yet in the last weeks she has been one of the absolute strongest people I know, facing her pain with grace that I’m quite sure I don’t have.

So, Mom, I would love to ply you with words that would help. Unfortunately that tends to lead to me talking about open wounds that need to scab and scabs that can get picked and really, my analogies are well, pretty ugly. Remember the one about half my heart being shaved off? Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t have let me watch all those horror movies. Words shockingly escape me. I like this quote from Anne Lamont though.

Love this… and since I’m slacking in the gift department. The girls and I put our heads together and made a little something for you. It’s a slide show scrapbook of your time here on our little island. We absolutely can not wait for you to come back!

Grandma’s Hawaiian Adventure-Medium

Let me also say, Grandma… it took every family member to get this little slide show on the blog. Especially Ray! I can’t end without saying…

It’s Grandma’s birthday and I’m so glad! I hope it’s the happiest birthday Grandma ever had! Love you!