It’s a good thing that it’s not very far from my house to the school. I can’t imagine what our conversations would turn into if it was much further. Lucky for you there is no need to wish you were a fly on the wall of the mom mobile. I’m here for you with the blog to five you all the gory details.

Recently Arleigh and her buddies were hatching a plot to go to the movies. They wanted to sit FAR AWAY from me. I can’t imagine why. Here’s a little snippet of car quotes…

Arleigh: Brendon and I were talking about sitting int he balcony and throwing popcorn at the people under us.

Me: Not a good idea. Popcorn is greasy and you want to treat other people the way you would want to be treated.

Hanan: But Mom! I wouldn’t care. I’d just open my mouth and eat it.

Me: You shouldn’t eat popcorn other people throw at you. You don’t know where their hands have been or if they’ve washed them. What if they spent the day picking at their butt?

Arleigh: That wouldn’t happen Mom. The only person who picks at their butt all day is Bria.

Bria: Not ALL DAY!

And it just goes down hill from there…