Never mind that one of my college roommates was a contestant on The Apprentice…seriously never mind, the writing on her cake was misspelled during her last challenge. Notice the words, LAST CHALLENGE? I shouldn’t make fun. First, I’ve never been nor will I ever be asked to be on The Apprentice. (Is that show even on anymore?) Second, she’s really sweet and it was an honest mistake that any southerner would have laughed off. Unfortunately Donald Trump is a full blown yankee. 

I do know a couple of people with some pretty big things happening. One of my Mom’s best friends is known around these parts as Mr. Tommy. Oh how we love Mr. Tommy and his stories. He worked with Mom for years. When Arleigh was little we would call Grandma’s office and Mr. Tommy would have long drawn out conversations with Arleigh. I don’t know that he understood a word she said, but the phone always being on speaker was hilarious. Plus, I got lots of laundry folded thanks to Mr. Tommy. Since mom has retired and moved to Golo, we don’t hear from Mr. Tommy as much but we do keep up with him and his family through Mom. His daughter Emily has a fantastic decorating blog. You can see it here. Emily was asked to participate in the Book Nook Challenge at Pottery Barn Kids. I would appreciate it very much if you would hop on over and vote for Emily’s Book Nook. It’s so cute and now I may have to stencil a wall or two here, except in Hawaii we have these weird textured walls and I’m not sure it would work. Anyway, pretty please vote for Emily! 

Next up, our friend Dan Short has his very own new reality show on the Velocity Channel. It’s called Fantomworks just like the name of his business. Here’s a sneak peek. 

We would seriously love for you to tune in. It premiers June 30th at 8/7c. Dan is a absolute character with a huge heart hidden in behind a bit of a cantankerous facade. Ray has been helping Dan with his computers for, well longer than I can remember. He’s a good guy doing good things for wounded warriors. 

That’s it… my claim to fame is famous friends. Apparently my 15 minutes was back in high school on WGCE when I was the host of “The Inner View.” Barbra Walters had nothing on me!