When you are wondering if you should run 8 miles without training because you have a minor injury, I have some advice… Train. I live in Hawaii and this is what my feet looked like ALL DANG DAY…


They are typically bare, maybe in slippers… What you mainlanders call flipflops. Shoes don’t feel good but they feel better than railroad spikes jamming into my heels and running up the back of my legs.

Should you run the race? Yep. At your pace because it’s hard, it hurts and in the end most things that worth doing are hard.

And I get to it with awesome people.

Even getting up at 3:45… Totally worth it.

Hanging out with 25,000 of my best friends.
Getting texts like this on my run…

And realizing someone puked and the teenager is the one who had to clean up instead of me…so worth it. I’m not heartless we were almost home.

Even on the cloudy rainy day, it’s worth it.