I’m Still Here

Posted by on March 11, 2014 in Ramblings | 1 comment

I am here. I’m still playing catch up/recovery from last week’s Fun Run. (Pics to come.) I’m trying to train for another half. Heaven help me the key word there is TRYING. A certain teenager needs new shorts before our spring break vacation. Since most of what I find on the island either looks like this…


Or has a price tag like this…


Maybe prayers that I don’t lose my salvation over shorts are in order. Seriously I will not pay $90 for shorts and I want them to look like shorts not panties. We’ve lowered our standards enough to make sure the cheeks are covered as well as the hoo ha! I am barely finding anything.

It’s frankly more than I can stand. Did I mention our spring break starts Friday? I’m off to bathe the children. More later.

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  1. Ross! Have you checked there? And maybe you’ll have to eat at CPK and check out all the cats and mongoose in the big drainage ditch nearby. Can you tell I’m pretty easy to please?! 8^)

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