So yesterday my eyes felt itchy. Lately I’ve been thinking I didn’t like to have my contacts out. My eyes were feeling crappy when I went to bed. I woke up with one blood red eye. No discharge just blood red, watery and EXTREMELY light sensitive.

On a recent spouse outing a new friend told a horror story on nearly losing her eye sight because she wound up with a weird infection on vacation. Knowing we are going away during spring break I made an appointment. My PCM walked in and said I’m sending you to optometry with barely a look. I shuffle down the hall with watery eyes and a handful of tissues and proceed to wait.

“Have you had the test before where the puff of air blows in your eye?” …once a year for forever. “Think you can handle it?” Was that a dare? I told her I would try. Two pugs of air and a brief exam under my belt I was told to wait for the doctor intern.

She looked. She commented about how great I was considering the pain the light was likely causing. She pulled on my upper lids with a qtip and then the lower lids. Then she decided to use yellow dye. Good times.

After you left the intern look at your eyes with the painful blue light it’s the doctor’s turn. Did I mention good times?

The verdict… It was a miracle I walked in when I did. My cornea was damaged. It can heal. I have drops for every two hours and antibiotic four times a day. Ironically my contacts that could have caused the damage were keeping me from feeling it. I am miserable.

I am not reading this for errors. I’m off to pout and say a prayer of thanks that the damage is reversible.