Just when I’m patting myself on the back, ready to submit my application for Mom of the Year I have an epic fail…like yesterday. I was beaming with pride. Valentines are well on their way to completion. I had outfits ready for the next day’s Valentine field trip, managed to pick up the Arleigh at an unusual time from the high school, get Jack to speech, the chore chart is blessedly working this week. I’m totally rocking it this week…until I’m not. 

Dinner was finished and Ray’s plate was in the microwave waiting for him. I sat down to check the calendar for one of the kid’s activities. As I opened it on the computer it started dinging the alert alert alert sound. The little reminder box in the right corner of the screen popped up. “Reminder… Hour before cheer pictures at 19:00.” Holy hell! I knew this was bad. My eyes darted to the clock. It read 19:15. A lump formed in my throat as I told Hanan.

Bless her heart, she handled it with grace and compassion. She was only worried the coach would be mad at her. Nope. She can be mad at mom and my handy dandy alert system that is supposed to save me from errors of this magnitude. I hope it’s a story we’ll laugh about later, or forget…hopefully forget. That’s a better idea.

Today’s mom fail is a story we won’t soon forget. It’s too darn funny. Bria and Jack had a field trip to a nursing home/retirement community. Mom fail number one is sitting a sweet little girl between me and Jack on the bus. We quickly realized she had a tummy ache and a fever. A plastic bag later…she road home on the front of the bus.

So much for being told we wouldn’t see Bria at all on the trip.

She was in the seat behind us. Hooray!!! We’re all contaminated. 

We get to the bus stop and off we go, everyone being asked to leave their coats on the bus. It was exactly 17 degrees outside. It didn’t set too well with my island kids even if I did layer them up. We got to the first room where Jack’s class was supposed to sing. We went from a comfortable 72 to 17 to what felt like about 94. They had the room so warm it felt hard to breathe. I walked Jack to where he was supposed to stand, less than two feet from some of the residents.

Did I mention that Jack often speaks about 20 decibels ABOVE normal conversational tones especially when he’s excited? Yeah. So very loudly two feet from the residents Jack says, “Wow, Mom! Are they zombies?” 

Oh my good gravy! I really should be used to things like this. I promise I thought I fully prepared him for what he would be doing. So I say “Nope Jack. They are normal people just older than Mom.” He said okay and sang his little heart out. 

In Jack’s defense, the first floor we stopped at had residents that, well needed a little more help. More than half of them couldn’t stay awake. By the time we got to the last floor, Mr. Jack was a rockstar and a total hit with the ladies.


Bria’s group went a recreation room. They sang and then got to play games and work puzzles with the residents. So basically she was like a pig in stink.

Thankfully the mom wins outnumber the mom fails…today.