Y’all… I just don’t know where to start. Ray hooked Bria up with one of the girls’ old iPods recently. I’ve had a couple of weeks that may or may not have felt like a couple of months of texting my daughter while she’s standing a few feet in front of me/behind me/ hiding around the corner… You get the idea.

I am not the only one that’s received these texts. Even Arleigh’s friend Josh gets his fair share…

I have no idea where JDawg came from but my money is on Josh putting it in her iPod. Anyway one night I was summoned to Bria’s room. She had been texting Josh. She was texting him “ice cream” emojis. You know…these? 💩

Josh let her know she’s been sending him poop. Go team! I wish I had a screen shot of that conversation. 

This morning I woke up to Bria informing me that she isn’t the only one that is often lost in emoji translation. She sent me this screen shot with a note that said, “See. It’s not just me.” 

Y’all… I don’t have the words. I’m either dying or lost in emoji translation. At least I’m laughing. Enjoy some ice cream on me! 💩