Here’s my day…

  • Early meeting with reading resource teachers. (While Bria and Jack were in the room. That’s all I have to say about that.)
  • Copies didn’t get copied.
  • The aid for my level is sick.
  • The sub for the aid REALLY wanted me to know that one of my friends had behavior problems. (Hello. I’m standing in the same room.) 
  • Not only did I not take Bria to the She Believes Cup, I forgot to arrange a play date I promised. There is no fury like a Bria that’s been scorned. Actually, now that I think about it, there is also a Brandi that’s been scorned. 
  • Two meetings with guidance counselors today were AWESOME! Actually, I do love my counselor. What I don’t love is certain behaviors and other things that I can’t blog about that would precipitate 2.5 meetings today.
  • I was meeting with teachers when one highschooler said I should pick her up.
  • The other one needed to be picked up 1/2 hour later. 
  • I’m blogging from the car.

In other news…at the end of the day you have to laugh. I asked the class to make signs for rules for the classroom. This is one of my favorites.

Do you see it? It’s someone holding up a peace sign behind a quiet sign. Best classroom sign ever!