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I haven’t been writing. I know. Obviously right? I can’t seem to tell you about my lack of a hurricane or that I made another trip out to Shark’s Cove when I know how much everyone is suffering in Golo. Ned is dying. It’s clearly visible now. Where to the point when I discuss with Mom almost hourly if I should purchase a plane ticket. And so it seems harsh to write a post about how much Ray is traveling or the fact that we are enjoying the company of a new puppy. (Some more than others…Tucker.) I don’t want anyone to assume or presume or you know basically call me out on a written word based on a misinterpretation. I know because I’m guilty of doing just that. 

This morning I woke up 5-6 hours behind most of you to check in on Ned. Before long texts started coming. Just this morning I heard about two other deaths. Ray’s uncle passed away over the weekend. A friend’s mother has a similar diagnosis to what Ned is suffering from. I just want to skip bootcamp and take the Jeep up to the North Shore and stick my head in the sand. It’s too much. People I love are hurting. I can’t write about soccer and piano and Mount Washmore while I’m so far away and I can’t do anything to help.

As I sat in the car line this morning, I was thinking about what I would tell my friend about this ugly disease. What could I say that would help her? There are lots of little things that might help her mom handle the treatment better but this is what I really need to say.

Don’t waste one second. Tell everyone you love them, especially your Mom. Don’t wait to do something you’ve always wanted to do. You don’t need a new car or a new purse. Use your budget up making memories. Life is like running a marathon (or a half in my case if we’re talking about experience.) You can’t sprint from the start but don’t slow your pace too much. The slower you go, the harder it is to pick up the pace. If you slow down too much, you’ll lose it. That doesn’t mean you can’t stop to appreciate things. Because in my mind, that’s part of running this race. I just know I have to stay active with my kids so that I can stay active longer. Oh good grief! I feel like Charlie Brown. I need Lucy because I’m not making much sense.

Here’s what we need to know. Hold the ones you love tight. Make memories now. Have your grand adventure NOW. You never know when you won’t have a right now. 

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Because…It’s Jeremy Mincey

Because we had a long day at Sea Life park with a bunch of little girls…and Jack and Trey and Ray…

Because Ray maybe needed to talk to another dude…

Because my husband LOVES professional football…

Because Ray recognizes players even when they don’t play for the Titans…

Because we live on island where people love to vacation…

Because it’s nothing for us to walk up to some random person and say, “Hey are you…?”

Because for many reasons… Ray spent a half hour chatting up Jeremy Mincey while we were waiting for Hanan to have her dolphin encounter. 

In case you’re as clueless am I am about football, let me start by saying Jeremy Mincey could make me watch the Cowboys. I may have thrown up in my mouth a little. I don’t love the Cowboys. He was the sweetest guy, on vacation with his wife. Ray had the time of his life asking what it was like to play with Peyton Manning. He was grinning from ear to ear for the rest of day. Mincey just signed with the Cowboys this year. If he gets some time on the field, I will watch. Again… the bile. I might even have to pull for the Cowboys a little. Oh no… what’s this hand basket I’m in and where are we going? Just kidding. It’s like watching the Ravens for Michael Oher. (Thank goodness he signed with the Titans!) I’ll watch for the player not the team. 

IMG_0555We had a fabulous day celebrating Hanan’s birthday. Jeremy Mincey was an awesome bonus! Thanks for being so kind Jeremy. We hope to bump into you on our little island again!


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Everything Is Literally Breaking

Yes, my dishwater is held together with tape. My bathing suit strap snapped yesterday. Luckily there was a backup holding my left boob off the floor. Ray just put the faucet in the kids bathroom back together. Good grief.

As if this wasn’t enough, I’m currently sitting in a chair at the dentist not so patiently waiting. Part of one of my teeth chipped off during my exam. There is some sort of rush happening to fix it. Holy cow! Getting old sucks!

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Tears and Grace

I saw a sign recently. It said, “I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg.” At 40, there are days that I can relate. It usually involves a sneeze instead of a laugh but whatever. Last night, I thought about that sign except it wasn’t a tear. It was more like someone tapped a warm keg in my lap. It wasn’t warm beer or my own urine either… Let me back up.

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to our Sunday evening worship service at church. Bria was melting down. She didn’t want to go. Honestly, an hour long worship service for the six-year old can be a bit of a snooze fest especially if you’ve spent the afternoon in the pool and you’re exhausted. Adding insult to injury, as we pull out of the neighborhood all you see is the kids’ friends soaking up the late hours of a summer day and summer is almost over. Then there’s Jack. He was in trouble after our morning service. He wasn’t looking his usual chipper self. Ray left early because the night before a very rare storm led to lightening striking and the routers at the church were fried. He needed to fix them. So, I decided to fake it until I make it and packed all my grumpy people in the mom mobile and off we went.

Services started and I had to separate Jack and Hanan. Hanan has a tendency to get Jack wound up and noisy by teasing him. I guess it’s her form of entertainment when she doesn’t want to listen to a sermon. Quick reprimand and shuffle and I’m settling back in noticing Jack is upset. It wasn’t his fault so I put him in my lap to try and cheer him up. It was about this  time that he started to smile and then his nervous laughter started. I was hugging on him, trying to make him smile and the nervous laughter got much worse. Then I felt it. There was a warm puddle forming in my lap. 

Mama wasn’t happy. It’s not my first rodeo with Jack. You might remember that getting him home from Hong Kong, I smelled like pee on a very long flight. If you missed it you can read about it here. Ray has had diapers leak all over his back which is bad but I must say that when a six-year old looks you straight in the eye with the ability to ask to go to the bathroom and proceeds to pee in your lap… Let’s just say it didn’t matter that I was sitting in a worship service and I proceeded to lose all form of grace. Yes, Mom I remember peeing my pants and embarrassing you horribly when I was much older than 6. I’ve never claimed perfection.

I have a hard time disciplining Jack. Corporal punishment is apparently not supposed to be used on a no longer orphan. Jack can ask to potty. Jack can go to the potty by himself without asking. We’re back to accidents because he chooses not to ask or go. Call me horrible if you want but I stick him in the shower to clean him up with cool water. He’s not a fan. It worked for a bit. Last night, as I sat him back down in wet pants wondering what to do until our services were over, he looked at me and said, “I need a cold shower.” Yep. Parent of the year over here. Good grief. 

So it’s Monday. I have more on my to do list than I care to think about it. Jack and I have both showered and we’re looking for a do over. Here’s hoping I remember to have grace today. 


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Her Majesty…Her Highness… Nope Just Dictator.

I like to tell the kids that life in our house is not a democracy. Apparently life in our neighborhood is also not a democracy. I was going to call it a monarchy but let’s face facts. It’s a dictatorship ruled by a six year old. There was no passing reign. Her power was taken by force. 

IMG_1263See what I mean? 

Yesterday a friend stopped by. I told her Bria was about to play with the hose. Jack was playing with the Xbox. She should send her boys down. Kevin was the only smart one. He made sure to grab his swim trunks so as not to upset the dictator. He came prepared.

So while this was going on 



Bria had Kevin outside doing this. 

photoBria decided that all the boys needed to be outside. She was going back and forth asking. I stopped and said, “Bria, Hanan’s home now. I’ll have her come outside and play with you and Kevin.” She gave me that look and replied, “I want boys to play Mom! Not girls!” Good grief!

Before it was over, all the Moloney boys were outside sopping wet, trudging buckets back and forth from the backyard. I’m sure it was at the dictator’s request threat. Did I mention that all Moloneys are older than Bria? Well, all except for the baby who wasn’t playing yesterday. She is a full on force to be reckoned with… or they are just the kindest sweetest boys in the universe. Ray would say the answer is yes. 

I’m in serious trouble with this one!



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