Throwback Thursday

It’s picture day for one. Soccer day for three. There’s a yard sale in the ‘hood on Saturday that we plan to participate in but I haven’t gotten ready for it yet. I have a husband down and out with the cruds after a trip to the frozen tundra. Did I mention my filthy really needs to be cleaned house and Mount Washmore is currently waiting. Sigh. Yesterday I went through thousands of pictures. I happened upon one of my all time favorites. So I’m going to cheat and share it as my Throwback Thursday.

Christmas04 103

Neither one of them ever proved to be good at sitting still for our family prayer. I guess I was the one taking the picture. 

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Oh Snap!

When you are 5 you want to be just like your sisters. When your mother is busy getting ready for a birthday party, prepping for a tropical storm and worrying about what’s happening in Kentucky, it’s pretty darn easy to wear her down. It’s made even easier when Daddy is out of town. It’s then that bad things can happen. Things like this…

Need a closer look?

That would be Kool-Aid dip dyed hair. Oh it will come out with baking soda and vinegar they said… They better freakin’ be right! School starts Monday for heaven’s sake!

No. It is not just Bria. Arleigh chose blue that turned into a lovely shade of chlorine green. Hanan picked purple… AKA my goth phase is growing out. Bria’s definitely accepted the color the easiest. Maybe it was those ends that have gotten bleached in the summer sun. It is pretty much the same shade of red as the Ariel wig Arleigh wore the entire year she was three.

I’m praying that the baking soda combined with a day the pool takes care of it. The things I get myself into!

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Hanan’s Birthday

I can not believe that this girl is 11!



Hanan is growing up too too fast! She has the BIGGEST heart I’ve ever seen. She feels everything BIG. When she loves, it’s from her toes. When she hurts, it hurts all over. She is chock full of compassion and wants to help every living creature. In true Hanan fashion, when she’s mad, she’s also mad all over. She tries to be just and fair. She helps me so much with Bria and Jack, constantly entertaining them. I just love this girl! It was her day for attention in the family and she managed to soak it up. 

In a first world sort of sense, we haven’t really celebrated her birthday yet. Having a birthday on July 3rd stinks sometimes. She’s found her birthday timing is better than her siblings as it falls almost exactly 6 months after Christmas. She spreads the loot out. Falling on a holiday weekend, poor Hanan never gets to celebrate with her friends on her big day. Some are with family on island, which we all know is important. Some are with family on the mainland. So, we wait… Until then, we had a little family celebration.

We made a trip to Target and Hanan used her birthday money to buy a bean bag chair for her room. That is a tiara on her head, it was one of Bria’s. It says, “Happy Birthday” and it didn’t leave her head the entire day. She opened a few family gifts. Arleigh and Bria used their own money to spoil her with all things One Direction. Hanan has recently stepped on the Directioner Bandwagon. I think she has one happy cousin. (Tori) A quick change into her new Nial shirt and we were off.

Hanan asked to eat at Bucca di Beppo. I can’t believe we’ve been here for a full year without trying it. We’ve heard other people raving about it. It totally met our expectations. They take you on a tour through the kitchen before seating you. We started with a GIANT tray of bruschetta. I didn’t think there was any way we eat it all. I was shocked. The kids… even the ones that I have to beg to eat veggies were scooping out the tomatoes to finish it off. It was sort of like watching a pack of lions take down a large animal. Scary how fast they devoured it. Of course, I may have had a piece… or two. 



We tried hard not to order too much. At Bucca, things are served family style. We still took home enough for everyone to have lunch the next day. A group came out to sing to Hanan.



Then we dug into a big old tiramisu. Hanan is a girl after her Grandma’s heart. It is Grandma’s all time favorite desserts. I’m pretty sure we’ve added it to the top of our sweet eater’s list of favorites.

IMG_4851After dessert, we headed upstairs to watch Despicable Me 2. It was cute. I still say the writers must have been spying on us because those three girls have personalities that exactly match my three girls. It’s almost strange to watch, right down to the shoes and iPods being the same. All is all, I think it went down as a great night.

Happy Happy Birthday Hanan! We love you!




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Track Stars

We interrupt this programming for a Proud Mama Announcement… Arleigh and Hanan are officially on the A. Scott track team. I didn’t even realize they were trying out until they got home.

Bare with me as there are a few things to say about this. First I’m super excited as I have delusions of grandeur about my own running. (Can you call them delusions of grandeur if you realize that’s what they are?) I also never dreamed I’d here my kids describe the track like this… Well, we started back by the basketball court, you had to run to the banyan tree, around the coconut trees, to the palm trees… you get the idea. I still have to pinch myself that we live here.

Time to single Hanan out. Hanan is my mostly quiet one that tries sometimes to get lost in the shuffle of our herd. That’s easy to do with Bria drowning the rest of us out. She is one of the shortest kids in her class. Her legs are about half the length of her good buddy, Raina’s legs. I’m not even kidding. Raina is almost as tall as me. We’ve always said, if Hanan finds the determination she would be a runner. She came in first in the long distance race. Considering those little legs had to pump a bit harder to keep up with the longer ones, I’d say that’s a pretty big deal!

There aren’t really gyms in Hawaii public schools. You don’t need them. Everything happens outside. There isn’t much money for tracks either. I hear their headed for a meet at Moanaloa. I’m anxious to see how this works. Banyan trees have lots of roots that are really great for tripping people.

Good job girls! We’re super proud of you!


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Wordy Wednesday: The Stow Away Gecko

I could just post the picture. You might not recognize the importance… and who am I to stand in the way of my big old mouth. Speaking of big old mouth. Bria’s homework assignment for tonight was to draw something that makes sound. She decided on a self portrait because talking is her favorite hobby. I kid you not. She came up with it all on her own when she realized Peek A Bugs don’t make much of a sound.

Any who… last night was interesting around here. I was upstairs giving Bria and Jack their baths and pushing forward for the hour of peace moment. Ray is off island. I need my hour of peace because our school schedule here has us all up at around 5 most mornings. I might get lucky and have them sleep until 6. So, from 9-10 is my only quiet alone time. I covet it, especially when Ray is gone. So as I was scrubbing away on Bria’s tangled hair, I was a bit shocked to hear screams from downstairs. Screams from Arleigh. It’s usually Bria or believe it or not, Jack. He is the shrillest of the lot of us. I heard Arleigh call for Hanan. Then I heard footsteps. Next was, “Mama! There is a lizard in my room!!!”

Oh snap! I was envisioning the gecko that has been haunting my garage. It is at least as long as my hand…not counting the tail with the potential to fall off.  This was not on my hour of peace agenda. I start running downstairs. Hanan was calmly sitting on the futon. The child that asks me for any number of animals including reptiles was watching television. The child that not two months ago threw a dead lizard on her mother. “Hanan, did Arleigh tell you what’s in her room?” I was calmly asking hoping she would volunteer to hunt it. “Yeah, it’s a lizard. I saw it. It ran.” “Um… where did it run Hanan?” She shrugged and I swear never stopped watching the television. “Could I get a little help from the reptile whisperer sweetheart?” I promise you she told me she would if she could keep it. At this point, I have no idea what I said. NO IDEA.

Turns out Godzilla was smaller than most Hawaiian cockroaches and hiding behind the dresser. He kept scooting himself under the edge of Arleigh’s carpet to hide himself. He was so tiny, I was thinking I would probably squish him with my giant man size hands. Hanan was pretty afraid of hurting him too. Before it was over, I sat a mason jar on top of him after coaxing him into the open, then carefully slipped card stock under him. He was relocated outside, across the street. I escaped both tears and terror from my children. No one was harmed. I’m calling one for Team Mama.

My evidence…

Let me also say… Ray you owe me! Why is it these things only happen when he is gone? I found another one this morning. He had already passed on to his own tropical paradise in the sky…dead as a door nail or at least as dead as the lizard Hanan threw at me. This time I didn’t scream. Again. Ray, you owe me! Dead animals fall strictly in your territory.

Wonder what will happen tomorrow?


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Notes From The Car Line

Because I thought you would like to know, it must not have been heat… Or food poisoning. Unless of course my late afternoon run took me down in the same heat induced sickness fashion. I’m thinking it was the three loads of laundry that got me though. Blessedly, Hanan has kept everything down since last night. I however… Have also managed to keep it all down but I promise you it’s only by sheer will.

My mother likes to tell the story of the first time I got really sick…and knew I was sick. I apparently put up quite the fight then too. I kicked and screamed and cried and yelled, “But I don’t want to Bomb it!” before turning all demon possessed spewing pea soup on anything in the vicinity. Bomb it I did. My poor mother had no idea just how much my sheer will would grow unless it involved pizza or a cheeseburger… But let’s don’t go there now.

I had no idea my muscles could feel like they’ve been put in a meat grinder while someone is clearly operating a jackhammer on my brain and somehow my stomach seems to be eating itself. Lovely. Add to that the fact that I must be delusional. I keep imaging shooting all the brag tags on the backs of all the cars with a bow and arrow. They are mocking me I tell you!

Why am I telling you this? I’m a descendant of whiners. You can’t hear me moaning like a banshee from the cold tile floor… You know when I get out of this forsaken car line. Therefore, I blog. There may also be a bit of exaggeration in my lineage but I like to refer to it as elocution. If you need me I’ll be near a bathroom with a bucket in hand just in case.

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