Tribute Tuesday

It is time for Tribute Tuesday. I promised to participate at least 3 times. This was started by my blogger friend Wayne as a way to honor someone in your life. If you want to check it out, go here

So this week’s tribute is Hanan Hope

Hanan is my middle child. From the second that she was born she has been the little girl with the curl…. when she is good she is very, very good but when she is bad…Katie bar the door! She’s our little firecracker. Even when she’s in the middle of an explosion, she is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.
Hanan is one of the sweetest children ever. She worries about how everyone else is feeling. She makes sure that both her sisters are content, often at her own expense. She is the first one to crawl up in my lap to cuddle, sometimes at a not very appropriate time but I’ll take what I can get. 
Hanan also says profound things. When she was little she asked me, “Mama, if God lives in my heart, what is my medicine gonna do to him?” Recently she wanted me to explain the trinity. I haven’t gotten there myself yet. 
Hanan’s name means “Gift of God” that is what she is to us every day.
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Tribute Tuesday

My new blogger friend Wayne asked me to participate in Tribute Tuesday. It’s time to celebrate your nearest and dearest friends and family and the influence they have had on you. You can see Wayne’s blog here.

I thought alot yesterday about who I would choose. Ray always pops up first. Then, Dee, Gran, Mom, and Dad. Then I thought about what influenced me this week. Of course, I needed to brag about one my wonderful children. So Wayne, you can bet that I’ll participate for at least 3 weeks. 
Here we go…
Today’s Tuesday Tribute goes to: Arleigh Grace.
Arleigh and Hanan have been participating in an upward cheerleading program. They practice on Thursday night and cheer at games on Saturday morning. The Upward program includes prayers and devotionals designed to show Jesus’ message as well as teaching them good sportsmanship while still being competitive. So far, I’ve been very impressed. The girls get a card each week with a verse to memorize. Arleigh had her’s down in no time.
So Saturday I wasn’t in such a great mood. I’m sure everyone around me could tell. We made it to the game. We watched from the sides. Hanan is so into it, she rarely even notices that her parents are there. Arleigh is constantly watching us, looking for a sign or some show of approval. She is my little worrier. For a short time, they go into a long hall where they wait to come out for a half time show. Both girls were great in spite of being moved everytime they practice. (There are different motions depending on where you stand.) Finally the game is over. I go back to their room to grab the girls.
This is the first week that they are evaluated. Arleigh asked to say her verse first. It was perfect. Hanan, bless her heart, waited to try after listening to everyone and saying it under her breath but she got her sticker too. Then the coach says she has awards that she’ll be handing out each week. Eyes got big. The first one is for spirit. Hanan gets it. She is so excited. I’m smiling at her remembering my old days with pom poms. Then I see the disappointment on Arleigh’s face. The proud moment is gone. Finally, after everything is handed out, Arleigh has one for saying the cheers correctly. 
So I’m thinking, great, everyone gets a sticker. Big deal. I guess it will help them try. Then the coach says she has a special award that will go to only one girl each week. It will go to the girl who emulates Christ. Then she explains what that means. She calls Arleigh up. It was all I could do to not cry. There I was having what I thought was a horrible day. I knew I wasn’t emulating Christ at that moment but Arleigh was. 
The truth is, Arleigh is a very sweet sensitive girl. She is always trying to do the right thing. (Most of the time, she’s still a kid.) She has no fear of talking to people about Jesus, sharing his story. She is the first to have a prayer request. She shines His light. I’m very proud of her for that. I could learn a thing or two from her. So Arleigh, here’s your tribute.
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